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"I don't care if it IS you Harry, Get up for your Grandmother!"

"Right we'll just get this one bedded in and then I want to put a row of English Electric Lightnings in the bed over there against the wall. They will look lovely when they bloom in the spring"

I am never going to be able to look at two winged aircraft the same way again. I wonder when it came out of the hanger?   As for the caption....   TopGear Special: Can our star in

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My fault because I forgot all about me being last.

Over to you Martin with, "Mounting problems for small aircraft!", very clever sir.

Have fun.

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Older aircraft tend to be tail draggers with restricted forward view;

Older aircraft tend to be prop driven;

Older aircraft tend to have no wheel brakes;

Older aircraft tend to have older pilots;

Never get into a ground traffic situation where all of the above meet behind you or this is what what will become of your aircraft!

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Posted (edited)

Whe Prune bought his new aircraft "sold unseen" , he soon realised there was something fishy about it.

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