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"I don't care if it IS you Harry, Get up for your Grandmother!"

"Right we'll just get this one bedded in and then I want to put a row of English Electric Lightnings in the bed over there against the wall. They will look lovely when they bloom in the spring"

I am never going to be able to look at two winged aircraft the same way again. I wonder when it came out of the hanger?   As for the caption....   TopGear Special: Can our star in

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Some real good ones this week which makes it really tough to pick a winner. The shot was taken at Kennedy Airport so I was looking for a "New York state of mind" caption. This put Joe and Mike(H) in the running so I had to ask my wife to make the final decision(as always), sorry Joe but this weeks winner is :clapping:

Mike with: "I have'nt got all day, you back up, No you back up, I was here first. Anyway I am bigger than you." :rofl:

Thanks to Joe, the runner up and all the other entries that give me some good chuckle's this week.

:salute: Over to you Mike.........

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Spit Pilot, "Hey look at this, I got a job at Duxford and this my company car !"

Hurri Pilot " Bully for you, Since I retired from the RAF I'm earning a living as a Pole Dancer !"

Well Done Alan you are my Winner :thum: So it's over to you matey.

What a company car a Spitfire would be :cloudnine:

PS My caption would have been.

Will someone change the lights to green or I will loose my flying slot. :cray:

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