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Carenado C206 water rudders

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Been having this problem for some time, and only just noticed what it is. When on water, the plane performs bunny hops in external view re entering the water with a large splash. Just seen that on land, when I choose external view with 'S' or any other button or key, on many occasions this seems to have caused the water rudders to drop and they can be seen raising. I haven't reassigned the water rudders, and there is no conflict with the views. This video shows what I mean, I have only been cycling views and am not activiating the rudders...

Any ideas greatfully received!!


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I have just tested my Carenado U206 Float in FSX but can't replicate the problem you describe. You don't mention whether it is FS9 or FSX you are using. The only other thing I would suggest is to contact Carenado Technical Support, if you haven't already. They are generally very helpful.

By the way, I love the Bluegrass Airlines paint job.



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Hi Charlie

I remember i had some kinda problem like that with one of Carenado`s aircraft`s in FS 2004.

I belive it was a " contact point issue " between the wheels and some addon scenerye`s.

Well .... dont go hang me in the nearest tree if this dosent solve the issue :), but take a look her :


Go down that list and find :

Several FS2004 aircraft - Bouncing issue, and see if that patch that works for several of their aircraft`s dosent fix the rudder problem too.


Viking :)

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Thanks Viking, gave me some ideas though as I hadn't tried it in different locations away from my usual flight zone. Trying it elsewhere on water showed the hop, but it doesn't create a splash and the water rudders don't move. Back in Alaska, there is a distinct splash. More questions now, but that's a good thing because I was at a loss.

Going to look at those cfg's and see what was changed if I can and see if I can apply it to the 206.

Thanks again!

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