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Section 1 in retrospect

Leg 1: Joe got the challenge going taking Sharon on a low and slow flight from Southampton to Amsterdam in the Seabee


Leg 2: The weather then proved to dismal for Kasper to take the DC-3 on to Hamburg. Instead he opted for the Viscount.


Leg 3: With Sharon busy discovering what the Reeperbahn had to offer Micke then took a Cessna 210 further north to Malmö


Leg 4: Sharon then caught up with Sam for the flight east over the Baltic sea to Lativa and Vilnius


Leg 5: Kieran then took us on our first two-parter starting with a hop from Vilnius to Minsk in the YAK-42


and then on to Antonov field in the AN-124.


Leg 6: Sean brought us on to Luhansk in a Mustang


Leg 7: Andrew then took us on a trip down memory lane with his low level flight into Gumrak. The Junkers Ju 52 never went above 1.000 feet during the 400 nm long flight.


Leg 8:

Richard then brought the first section to a close with a flight to Atyrau in an AN-24.


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Section 2 in retrospect

Leg 9: Micke kicked of section 2 with a two parter starting out with a search and rescue mission in the Quest Kodiak


and then took a 737-800 on to his destination in Bukhara


Leg 10: Kieran started out Leg 10 by crashing a Mig-1 on a field somewhere close to Bukhara


but then managed to scramble a Mig-29 for his flight on to Dushanbe


Leg 11: Kasper brought us through a thunder storm into Kabul in a C-130 Hercules


Leg 12: For the next flight in to Amritsar Sean opted for a P-47


Leg 13: Andrew managed to land a 727 at Paro in the dark.


Leg 14: Jess then took Lenore, a very lightly loaded 737-900, out of the same airfield and brought us safely to Chiang Mai International


Leg 15: Dai brought us along for an adventurous flight in a Douglas AC-47, stopping at Long Tieng


and then finished the leg with a parachute jump to get to his destination at Dien Bien Phu


Leg 16: Rosario picked up the baton and flew a old and noisy BN-2 Islander to Noibai


Leg 17: Richard rented a Beachcraft Kingair for his trip to Macao


Leg 18: Joe showed off his FMC programing skills but finally managed to guide his AVRO RJ100 (?) to Songhan


Leg 19: Jess filled in for Brian and flew a 747-400F to South Korea and Gimpo International


Leg 20: Marcellus organized a race for the leg between two olympic cities. He flew a Zero..


...but found himself beaten by Sharon in a Dassault Rafale.


Leg 21: Jess made her third apperance bringing the sector to a close flying a Epic LT Dynasty to russia and Yelizovo


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Section 3 in retrospect


Leg 22: Jess tried to take us into Unalaska in a MD-11, but diverted back across the Bering Sea to Yelizovo after realizing that her plane of choice wouldn't be able to land safely. Instead her 737-900 "Lenore" stepped in to make the flight.




Leg 23: Kasper then battled the Alaskan weather and terrain in a DC-6 to get us as far as Cold Bay




Leg 24: The bad weather then kept Micke company as he took the long way around following the coast up to Bethel in a Cessna CT210





Leg 25: Andrew then took us on a sightseeing trip around Alaska for his trip up to Unalakleet. The first part was flown in a Cessna C185



And the second part saw him and Ariel Tweto pilot a Dash 8 to the Tweto's base in Unalakleet




Leg 26: George picked up the Baton in Unalakleet and used a total of 4 different aircrafts for his trip to Ancorage. First the trusty DC-3




Then a Hawker-Siddeley HS748




Followed by a DeHavilland Vampire




and to finish his leg he did a short hop across Anchorage in a Sea King




Leg 27: Kasper spent a few days searching for the Baton in the left engines of every Polar B747 at Anchorage before taking Sharon for an exciting trip in a Boeing C-97 to Ketchikan




Leg 28: Rosario took his "Glamorous Gal" Mustang on a flight over the fjords in Alaska and western Canada for the flight into Prince George



Leg 29: Sean found this wild cat of a F/A-18E for his flight to Hinton/Jasper




Leg 30: Joe decided to pick something without a FMC, and flew the Baton in a Cessna C337 Skymaster the short trip to Edmonton.




Leg 31: Marcellus did his first of two flights in a Blackburn Buccaneer taking us further east to Hector




Leg 32: At Hector our old friend Remington rejoined the ATWC, and made a very professional flight in an Airbus A319 taking us as far as Prince County/Phillips




Leg 33: Marcellus and his Buccaneer stepped up to the plate again, and despite some mechanical issues they finally made it all the way to Antrim County Airport




Leg 34: Sean took us further east and back in to Canada in a C130 (don't worry Sean, we didn't see anything)



Leg 35: Jess then finished up the section in style taking a 767 out to our final stop in North America. Halifax Shearwater was her destination.



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Section 4 in retrospect


Leg 36: Andrew picked the longest flight of the ATWC IV from Halifax to Keflavik, and decided to fly it in the Beechcraft Model V35 'Bonanza'. Only took him 15.5 hours to fly the leg :stars:



Leg 37: Young George borrowed an IcelandAir B757 for his trip to Shannon



Leg 38: Clement made his ATWC debut, and turned the shortest leg from Shannon to Cork in to a two-parter.

First he flew Sharon and her sister to Kerry in a DA-40 Diamond Star



And then continued on with Sharon to Cork in a very agile Piper Cub



Leg 39: Kieran brought us up to Dublin, following what looked like a very deserted railway line



Leg 40: The great online session, where five daring pilots gathered to escort the Baton to the finish line in Southampton


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