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As a newly addicted Ice Pilots fan I thought I'd try and compile my own virtual collection of aircraft used by Buffalo Airways. So far I've got my Just Flight DC-3, Cal Classics C46 Commando and the Lockheed Electra all with Buffalo liveries.

Just wondered if anyone knows where I might find a decent DC-4 freeware or payware - I've found a water bomber DC-4 but not what I was looking for. Also I was after the Buffalo livery for the Beechcarft Baron either Carendo's version or the default FSX version.

There's a Buffalo Airways Virtual site but you have to join the VA to get the downloads - not sure I'm good enough or commited enough to join a VA just yet.

Any help appreciated


Graeme :hat:

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Try here Graeme.

Happy Landings! BTW, this DC-4 is good but the JF DC-6B is even better... :thum:

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

Thanks Dai - don't know how I've missed that one - getting old :D

I agree about the DC-6B I bought it a few weeks ago after seeing it recommended here at Mutley's. It's super to fly it's just not an aircraft Buffalo owns so no good for my collection :)

On a separate note you don't happen to know how the Just Flight updates work do you. When I checeked their forum there's s service pack 1 for the DC-3 which I assume I need even if I only bought it in March this year but the DC-6 says I don't need the update for that it's just for Disk owners and to re-download from my products. I'm just s bit confused as to why they seem to be updating some products at the initial download stage and others with service packs (have to say I'm easy confused sometimes) :stars:



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