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I have managed to make my istallation of FSX a more stable and enjoyable experience.

As a result of conversations on the ORBX forum with JohnY (called Bell ringing) John came up with this simple tweak. "Increase Virtual memory"

To make it simple I have done screenshots of how to:

But to be honest before you begin, set a system restore point for safety.. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Go to My computer and right click:








:hat: I am now enjoying a ssssssstutter free and stable flight :pilotic:

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Thanks for the post and clear instructions James :thum:

For a techno-numpty like myself what exactly does this do and is it something you should only do if your having troubles or is it a generic improvement?

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None taken Joe..

:( :( :( :( :( :( ........................ :D :D :D :D :P:thum:

It all started, because I could hear a bell ringing in the background and it was down to the sound files looping, It was JohnY in the ORBX forum who was suffering the same, had the idea of increasing VM to stop it; and the side effect was running FSX a lot smoother. I guess that's what we pay FSX Booster companies good money for but they disguise it another way..

Anyway Graeme, how is the rebuild going?

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The sad thing is that most of us are running machies with 8 GB of memory or more and FSX has to resort to virtual memory. That's a barrier that just has to be broken by someone, one of these days.

Now lets see, who's working with FSX source code....?


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