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Fun All-In-One Flight Sim Package (Perfect for 'newbie' enthusiasts)

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Hello Fellow Sim'rs :)

Relocation is requiring that I lighten my 'gadget load', and I'm selling my sim setup as a single package.


- Cyberpower Gaming PC

* Intel Dual Core Processor 2.4 GHz (32-bit)

* 4 GB of DDRAM

* ATI Radeon HD 5750 Dual Monitor Graphics card - 1 GB - GDDR5 SDRAM

* Windows 7

- Two 20-inch HPLP2065 LCD monitors

* Large 20.1-inch (51 cm) viewable area display; 1600 × 1200 resolution

* DVI cables included

- Saitek X52 Pro Stick and Throttle (and software)


Precision centering mechanism, non-contact technology on X and Y axes and constant spring force reduce free play, improve control and increase durability

2-stage metal trigger; 2 primary buttons in 1 convenient position

4 fire buttons including missile launcher with spring-loaded safety cover for instant access

Conveniently positioned metal pinkie switch provides shift functionality to double up on programmable commands

2 X 8-way Hat Switches

3D rudder twist

3-position rotary mode selector switch with LED indicators

3 spring-loaded, base-mounted toggle switches for up to 6 programmable flight commands

5-position handle adjustment system to suit all hand sizes


Progressive throttle with tension adjustment, detents for afterburner and idle

2 fire buttons

Scroll wheel with built-in button

Mouse controller / hat switch with left mouse button

8-way hat switch

2 x rotary controls

Smooth-action slider control

Clutch button initiates 'safe mode' to allow on-the-fly profile selection, or to display button functionality without activating

- Saitek Radio Panel (and software)

*A set of switches and LED displays for use in controlling various aspects of flight simulation

*COM1 / COM2 / NAV1 / NAV2 function

*DME / ADF / XPDR functions

*Works with Microsoft Flight Simulator X

*Standby switch - set your standby frequencies and then set to active at the touch of a button

*Twin concentric adjustment dials adjust frequency units incrementally for quicker selection of your required frequency

*Multiple Radio Panels will allow simultaneous display of the various radio stack functions

- MS Flight Simulator X Deluxe

- MS Flight Simulator Acceleration Expansion Pack

Everything is in great condition. Asking $725 for the whole shebang. Pictures happily available upon request.

Thanks so much!


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