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More Alaska Info

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Some more brief info on Alaska...

"Prepare for takeoff! While exploring over 600,000 square miles of new scenery, 565 airports and 137 seaplane bases in the Land of the Midnight Sun, you’ll encounter new Gold Rushes, Challenge Courses and Landing Challenges. You’ll also receive a basic version of the Carbon Cub. Get ready to tackle the Alaskan wilderness, coming soon on Games for Windows—LIVE and Steam."


Source: https://news.microso...-in-alaska.aspx

The statement "You’ll also receive a basic version of the Carbon Cub", has not gone down very well in the flight forums. :whis:

Im interested to see how many "new Gold Rushes, Challenge Courses and Landing Challenges" there actually are in the pack, I have a feeling theres not going to be that many?!

It states nothing about if missions will be included in the pack, I really hope they do include some!

I will update this post if any more info becomes available!

Sam. :thum:

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Yup, I think it's fair to say the 'basic' cub announcement has gone down like a lead balloon (basic version only, no cockpit). :-). People are hoping that the beaver that has been mentioned has a cockpit, but generally people are angry. I'll give it to the flight team, they know how to annoy their customers.

Jess B

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Even if nothing worked in the cockpit it would be better than no cockpit view at all. Senery looks great and Peter says the planes fly well but still not interested at this point in it's present state. Maybe in the future when MS figures out what they actually have and does it up right. It all feels like it came out two years to early, before it was really ready. It would be nice to know how many folks actually stayed with it and are buying the Alaska package.

Nothing against those that enjoy it as it stands now, hey fun is fun. :)JMO

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