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Alaska DLC Released

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"Continue the Microsoft Flight experience with the Alaskan Wilderness Experience Pack! Fly new challenges and jobs, and locate all-new Aerocaches as you explore over 586,000 square miles of aviation playground. Test your piloting skills against brutal weather and majestic terrain in a basic version of the Cub Crafters Carbon Cub, an iconic bush plane capable of accessing the most demanding locations. For Games for Windows—LIVE users, the Alaskan Wilderness is now available in the in-game Marketplace for 1200 Microsoft Points, and it can be purchased by everyone on Xbox.com. The DLC will be available soon on Steam."

Source: https://news.microsoftflight.com/blogs/news/archive/2012/06/27/welcome-to-the-alaskan-wilderness.aspx

To be honest im not that impressed with the pack, there are very few challenges and there are no missions at all which I half expected. There is no aerocaches associated with the DLC at the moment, which is a bit dissapointing.

The scenery though is great, and the Carbon Cub isnt to bad, would be better with a cockpit...

A few gameplay vids (Check out my youtube channel for some more vids if you are interested: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheShrewsburyFC):

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...especially with that 'Lonesome Pine' at the the threshold of Rwy 08!

No problem in FS9, FSX or P3D - just pop up ADE and put in an exclusion rectangle and no more pine tree. That is a perfect example of the flexibility and user maintainability of an "open" sim. It's not open source, but there are hundreds of utilities and add-ons to enhance, improve or correct it to suit the user's wishes. MSF is more like the X-Box experience, I guess. Buy it and, a) like it, or b) lump it - there is no option c.


EDIT: So, a VC is considerd a "deluxe" option? FS9 got past that in about 2006.


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Not impressed is a fair description. I don't loathe the idea nor Microsoft for doing it, but I'm just not impressed with what I see. The graphics are stunning, of course, but there continue to be these, "...what were they thinking?" moments, i.e. releasing an airplane (several, actually) and making you pay extra for a cockpit. I thought only Captain Sim had the gall to do that kind of thing. A tree in the middle of the runway is one thing - a tree in the middle of the runway which you can do nothing about is another, and it's not like they have 40,000 runways to choose from, is it?


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