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FSX Power Project v4.1 released.

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FSX Power Project v4.1 is now available in the members scenery upload area.

Additions/changes in Power Project v4.1 (upgrade of v4.0)

Includes all v4.0 scenery add-ons previously available at Simviation.com

Minor improvements to model library.

Adds 1,000+ wind turbines, mostly in UK & New Zealand. (Now 11,000+ turbines world-wide) including

Whitelee wind farm, Scotland (2nd largest on-shore wind farm in Europe).

FSXPP scenery objects in England, Wales & South Scotland aligned to Horizon GenerationX photo scenery -

volumes 1, 2, 3 & 8.

Exclude file to remove additional 'clone' of the Falkirk Wheel scenery object when using GenerationX

photo scenery with Ultimate TerrainX Europe scenery enabled.


Cronalaght wind farm, County Donegal, Ireland - 8 turbines (added v4.1) N55 04, W008 13

Minervino Murge wind farm, Puglia, Italy - 26 turbines (added v4.1) N41 03, E016 07

Te Rere Hau wind farm, North Island, New Zealand - 95 turbines (added v4.1) S40 23, E175 44

White Hill wind farm, Mossburn, South Island, N.Z. - 29 turbines (added v4.1) S45 45, E168 16

EISCAT radio observatory, Tromsø, Norway - 1 32m dish (added v4.1) N69 35, E019 14

CARMA millimetre array, California, USA - 23 dishes (added v4.1) N37 17, W118 08

Haystack Radio Observatory, Westford, Mass', USA - (added v4.1) N42 37, W071 30

VLBA radio telescope, Hancock, New Hampshire, USA - 1 25m dish (added v4.1) N17 45, W064 35

VLBA radio telescope, St Croix, Virgin Islands - 1 25m dish (added v4.1) N17 45, W064 35

U.K. additions/changes:

Approximately 10,000 extra electricity pylons including 3,000+ in GenerationX vol.8 area of

Scotland.(now approx' 39,000 pylons U.K. total)

More than 60 extra electricity sub-stations.

Where appropriate, electricity pylons & wind turbines (of v4.0) in GenX vol.8 Scotland South area are re-aligned

to the photo scenery textures.

Aikengall wind farm, East Lothian, Scotland - 16 turbines (added v4.1) N55 54, W02 30

Altahullion wind farm, Northern Ireland - 29 turbines (added v4.1) N54 58, W07 02

An Suidhe wind farm, Inverary, Scotland - 23 turbines (added v4.1) N56 13, W05 13

Antrim Area Hospital wind turbine, N Ireland - 1 turbine (re-located v4.1) N54 44, W06 11

Ardrossan wind farm, Ayrshire, Scotland - 15 turbines (added v4.1) N55 44, W04 46

Arnish Moor wind farm, Western Isles, Scotland - 3 turbines (added v4.1) N58 11, W06 26

Askam wind farm, Lancaster - 7 turbines (re-scaled v4.1) N54 11, W03 11

B&Q Manton Wood wind turbine, Nottinghamshire - 1 turbine (re-located v4.1) N53 18, W01 05

Beatrice Demo offshore wind turbines - 2 turbines (added v4.1) N58 05, W03 05

Blaengen Alltwalis wind farm, Wales - 10 turbines (added v4.1) N51 59, W04 13

Braich Ddu wind farm, Gwynedd, Wales - 3 turbines (added v4.1) N52 57, W03 28

Braidenhill Farm wind turbine, Scotland - 1 turbine (re-scaled v4.1) N55 53, W04 01

Burgar Hill wind farm, West Mainland, Orkney - 5 turbines (added v4.1) N59 07, W03 09

Callagheen wind farm, Fermanagh, N.Ireland - 13 turbines (added v4.1) N54 26, W08 01

Carhill wind turbine, Northern Ireland - 1 turbine (added v4.1) N54 58, W06 38

Castle Pill Farm, Steynton, Wales - 3 of 4 turbines (+2 turbines, v4.1) N51 43, W05 00

Cockenzie Power Station, E.Lothian, Scotland - 2 149-m stacks (added v4.1) N55 57, W02 58

Crombie Point jetty, Firth of Forth, Scotland - (added v4.1) N56 02, W03 32

Crystal Rig wind farm, Scottish Borders - 25 turbines (added v4.1) N55 54, W02 31

Drumderg wind farm, Perth & Kinross, Scotland - 16 turbines (added v4.1) N56 41, W03 21

Edinburgh gasometer -

Elliot's Hill wind farm, Co.Antrim, N.Ireland - 10 turbines (re-scaled v4.1) N54 48, W06 06

Forsyth carrier, Firth of Forth, Scotland - (added v4.1) N56 01, W03 28

Garves wind farm, Dunloy, Northern Ireland - 5 turbines (added v4.1) N55 00, W06 27

Gigha wind farm, Isle of Gigha, Scotland - 3 turbines (added v4.1) N55 39, W05 46

Glasgow gasometers

Grangemouth power, Firth of Forth, Scotland - (added v4.1) N56 00, W03 42

Green Knowes wind farm, Perth & Kinross, Scot' - 13 of 18 turbines (added v4.1) N56 15, W03 40

Gruig wind farm, Co.Antrim, N.Ireland - 9 of 10 turbines (added v4.1) N55 02, W06 15

Hadyard Hill wind farm, S Ayrshire, Scotland - 52 turbines (added v4.1) N55 13, W04 44

Harlock Hill wind farm, Cumbria - 5 turbines (re-scaled v4.1) N54 12, W03 09

Hockerton wind turbine, Nottinghamshire - 1 turbine (added v4.1) N53 07, W00 57

Hunterston Ore Terminal, N.Ayrshire, Scotland - (added v4.1) N55 46, W04 52

Inner Dowsing offshore wind farm, Lincolnshire - 27 turbines (added v4.1) N53 12, E00 37

Kirkby Moor wind farm, Cumbria - 12 turbines (re-scaled v4.1) N54 15, W03 08

Lincs offshore wind farm, Lincolnshire coast - 75 turbines (re-located v4.1) N53 11, E00 30

Lochhead Farm wind farm, S.Lanarkshire,Scotland - 3 turbines (added v3.0) N55 42, W03 47

Lynn offshore wind farm, Lincolnshire - 27 turbines (added v4.1) N53 09, E00 28

Minsca wind farm, Scotland - 16 turbines (+1 turbine, v4.1) N55 07, W03 14

Moel Maelogan wind farm, Wales - 12 turbines (+9 turbines, v4.1) N53 08, W03 43

RAF West Freugh radar, Stranraer, Scotland - 7 radomes (re-positioned v4.1) N54 51, W04 57

Ramsgate Harbour sea defences - (added v4.1) N51 20, E01 26

Rigged Hill wind farm, Londonerry, N.Ireland - 7 of 10 turbines (added v4.1) N55 02, W05 49

Rosyth ship, Firth of Forth, Scotland - (added v4.1) N56 02, W03 27

Sainsbury's, Langlands Park,E.Kilbride,Scotland - 1 turbine (added v4.1) N55 44, W04 10

Thanet offshore wind farm, Kent coast - 100 turbines (added v4.1) N51 24, E01 38

Wardlaw Wood wind farm, Ayrshire, Scotland - 6 turbines (added v4.1) N55 44, W04 47

West Durham wind farm - 6 of 12 turbines (added v4.1) N54 45, W01 49

Wether Hill wind farm, Dumfries & Galloway - 5 of 14 turbines (added v4.1) N55 13, W04 03

Whitelee wind farm, E Renfrewshire, Scotland - 140 turbines (added v4.1) N55 40, W04 15

Windy Standard wind farm, Dumfries & Galloway - 36 turbines (added v4.1) N55 18, W04 12

Wolf Bog wind farm, Northern Ireland - 5 turbines (added v4.1) N54 48, W06 06


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Thanks, Ray - excellent work - now we know what we're crashing into!! :thum:

BTW - I'm completely stumped on the yellow walls you've built in Southern Scotland - no doubt you can explain...

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

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Hello Dai,

The yellow lines are in fact more than 2,000 labels showing location of each electricity pylon in the largest of the object placement files in Southern Scotland. There are other files used which would fill the gaps around Southern Scotland but I can only display one file at a time in FSX Object Placement Tool.

I was about to explain this and tag more screenshots in Photobucket when my PC started to crash - just had time to hit the post button. The previous time I used photobucket something similar happened - I'm very suspicious of that web site as I normally have a very stable PC.

Welcome any feedback - I don't have a quality control department, so if I've dropped any clangers please let me know.

The pylons in the Scottish valleys do look impressive as you fly at low level - although in real life a bit of a blot on the beautiful landscape!

Chhers, Ray.

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My Photobucket account is behaving itself today so here are the screenshots of some FSX Power Project v4.1 features in the Scotland - South area:-

Some very remote pylons:


Whitelee Wind Farm - 140 turbines:


Grangemouth power station & docks on the horizon:


One of many smaller electrical sub-stations:


One of the numerous larger sub-stations:




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  • 2 months later...


Are you intending to build Dungeness Nuclear Power Station at some point? It would be a nice landmark to see when flying to and from Lydd. By the way, I am the Chris Low that you corresponded with via email a few times. I noticed that version 4.1 of the FSX Power Project had a few extra wind farms, and a larger pylon network file than I had installed, so I joined this site, and grabbed it! :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello Chris,

welcome to this site & apology for delayed reply!

The time I can devote to FSXPP has been much curtailed this year (due to family illness), so whilst models of more power stations are a possibility - don't hold your breath.

Chrissykes (another Chris?),

the location of the FSXPP scenery models are mostly taken directly from what can be seen in the Horizon photo-scenery or Google Earth. Unfortunately the data for both can be years out-of-date which is a particular problem with the wind turbines. The location data for the off-shore turbines has mostly been taken from the Kingfisher marine charts. The Google Streetview images within Google Earth are usually much more recent and can give an approximate position, but I'm not too happy using this relatively innacurate method of positioning.

If I can obtain the coordinates for the wind farms you mentioned I will incorporate them into the project.

I have been working on a version 4.2 which does for Horizon Scotland North what v4.1 did for Scotland South - currently adds approx' 3,500 pylons to the North of Scotland, plus many more wind farms.

Am having difficulty finding any pylons in the North-West of Scotland - maybe because there aren't any?

V4.2 will also include a model of the Monar dam - here is a preview:




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Thanks for the info' Chris,

have placed the two wind turbines into FSX - The Hollies wind farm.

Here's how they look:


Message me if you would like to receive the .bgl file.

Your query about one of the Inner Dowsing wind turbines being out of position - I assume you are looking at the 5th turbine on the landward/western column (counting from Nth to Sth). This offset is shown in the Admiralty chart - the occasional offset of 1 or more turbines appears to be fairly common for most offshore wind farms - I'm sure the constructors must have good reasons for doing it.

For your information the Inner Dowsing chart can be found here:




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have e-mailed you my current pylons folder. As already stated, I am having trouble finding pylons in NW Scotland which is one of the reasons for delaying release of FSXPP v4.2.

My mother had a stroke two days ago, so my time for the project is much diminished, but hopefully v4.2 will be released before next Christmas.



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Thanks, Chris.

My mother is already much better - fortunately I was there when she had the stroke and treatment was fairly prompt.

Her speech is back to normal & movement of her left hand is coming back, she has left hospital & is in an excellent stroke rehab' unit.



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  • 2 years later...
  • 2 years later...

Goodness me.  I'm so sorry.  I completely missed these posts.  I hope you chaps are still around.


Yes Dai, I'm the same one from the Horizon forum.  


Actually, I am still using that scenery as a base for everything else that's gone over the top since!





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