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Printing Navlog from FS9 Flight Planner

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Helping a friend here...

He's recently purchased and installed Radar Contact. He uses FS9 running under Win7 64 bit. He's in the habit of printing the Navlog page from the FS Flight Planner after entering his plan and that has always worked OK for him. Since installing RC4 he can't print ANYTHING from within FS9.

The Navlog page of the planner has a Print button at the bottom. On my PC, when I press it, a dialog box pops up to select the printer, etc. and all works as expected. On his installation, pressing the Print button from the Navlog screen does nothing - it just sits there and stares at him.

Printing on his machine is normal from all applications except FS9.

Would be grateful for any pointers in the right direction.


EDIT: It makes no difference whether RC4 has been started or not.


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I made a house call tonight and solved this one. It turned out that the default file association for HTM files had been reset to his AOL e-mail program. When I reset it to Windows Internet Explorer everything was instantly fixed. They should all be so easy.


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