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plan-G does not work with Air Hauler

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Hello Simmers,

When I read birdmanmike's Air Hauler adventures I noticed he uses plan-G along with AH.

I cannot use plan-G along with AH, I thought it was normal because AH connects to fsx and plan-G also, maybe just 1 at the time.

But by birdmanmike it works..

Does anyone have some tips or clues to resolve this problem?

Thanks in advance.


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I am with Mike, for this time only - the rest of the time he is my mortal ennemy trying to take over my airfield / customers :fool: .

Check if you have downloaded and installed the latest FSUIPC from Pete Dowson http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.html . It should work. I have multiple applications at one time interacting with FSX at any one time so that in itself is not a problem.


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It is good to bring two simmers closer together (maybe merge the two companys? ;) )

Thank you very much Gents, it works! I installed the latest version en problem are over.

1 question if I may: fsx is going to pause if I work with plan-G on my second screen.. (no full screen mode) can I change that?

kind regards,


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