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Orbx Releases FTX: NZ North Island

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Te Ika-a-Maui

The North Island of New Zealand is also known as Te Ika-a-Maui, or "the fish of Maui", gaining this traditional Maori name from the story of the landmass’ formation. The North Island covers about 113,729 square kilometres comprising the smaller of the country’s two main islands. It’s also the 14th largest island in the world. The North Island spans ~830 km from the northern tip of Cape Reinga to Cape Palliser in the south west, and ~460 km from the Cape Egmont light house on the west coast to East Cape. The nation’s capital is Wellington. Commonly, referred to as ‘Windy Wellington’, the city is located on the Cook Strait in the latitudes of the Roaring Forties. The most populous city, and the main gateway for international flights, is Auckland. Get ready for the most incredible Orbx FTX region ever created with diverse landscapes, fantastic autogen performance and loads of new custom textures with super-accurate landclass and poly landclass. You cannot afford to miss completi ng one of the world's most amazing countries!

- Over 113,750 sq km of FTX scenery!

- Brand new beautiful ground textures

- New trees made from local photographs

- Roads, rivers, coastlines, lakes, railways

- 10m Holgermesh for crisp definition

- All major and many minor airports upgraded

- Custom NZ airport objects and markings

- Photoreal mountains, volcanoes, mudflats

- Numerous polygon landclass areas

- Hand-crafted landclass for entire region

- Joins FTX Australia for tran-Tasman flights

- Hand placed super-accurate autogen

For screenshots and to purchase your copy visit the following page exclusively to The FlightSim Store:


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