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Yes it's summer(?) here in the northern hemisphere, holiday season and time to head for the beach.

For this month, I would like to see coastal action, that could be flying along the coast in any aircraft, Air Sea Rescue, float- planes.

Good luck, please make sure you are familiar with the rules this contest ends 23:59 UTC Friday 31st August 2012.

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First shot is a Piper PA-31T-Ia rented by Canadian Explorations and Outfitters (my FS Economy company) ripping up the Strait of Georgia flying some people from CYQQ to CYCD


Second shot is a Pacific Airways 737 on climb out of LAX. Here you can see in the foreground Malibu, The Pacific Coast Highway, The Pacific Palisades, behind the clouds would be Santa Monica and the Santa Monica Pier, but you can still see Venice, and the Venice Beach, and lastly the Marina del Ray.


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Some wonderfully inspiring shots out there folks, very well done, it will be hard to judge this one again.

Here are my humble attempts:

Peace & quiet at the beach with some wildlife to enjoy.


Roller-Coast Castle Sightseeing Tour.


Coastal flying, down under.


Best of luck all.

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Thanks very much Joe for picking one of my shots as the winner this month. There were so many good ones.

I am not sure what to go for. I like the 146 - the twin Otter - PBY Catalina

l think I will have to sleep on it.

Thanks again



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