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Leg 80: Lagos DNMM - Dakar GOOY

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Evening all,

Just to let you know that "Challenge 80" has just landed in Dakar after a 3hr 20min flight from Lagos :-) Typing this from the crew van en route to the hotel, once I've set up camp there I'll be able to sort through and post the shots.



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After Dai's brilliant trip to Lagos in the classic 707, I thought it'd be a good idea to fly out again in the 707's younger, bigger, and faster brother - the 747-400. I'll never know how the ops guys got this one off Boeing - but I wasn't about to complain. Operating as "Challenge 80" and cruising at 37,000ft above Africa, we'd be in the air for around 3 hours and 20 minutes according to the FMC, touching down in Dakar at 1530GMT.

ATW80 "Challenge 80"


FL370 - 1357nm

Takeoff Weight: 251.2 tonnes

Our noble steed awaits. I'd never really liked the 747 until I got PMDG's rendition of it - what a beautiful plane.


Pushed back and starting engines 3 and 4 simultaneously (yes, the APU can do that - what a machine) as a British Airways 747 taxis past having just arrived from Heathrow.


Taking off from runway 18L today, and with no SIDs to choose from it's direct to POLTO for us. A B737-200 is lining up for a flight to Kano.


Pulling the massive 747 into the air. Having spent so much time in smaller narrowbodies, it's always a struggle for me to keep the tail off the ground when rotating.


A spotter catches 250 tonnes of 747 climbing in to the mild Nigerian air.


Climbing along the Ivory Coast - who's up for a scam? :mrhappy:


Still climbing, but with only 100 people on board - the baton carrier, support staff, various dignitaries, and passengers willing to pay outrageous prices to avoid the airlines - the 747 makes an easy job of it.


Traffic alert! A 737 at our 12 o'clock high.


An aircraft that looks good...


...no matter what the angle.


30 minutes after takeoff, we're cruising comfortably at FL370.


A few views from the office.




Looks pretty deserted down there - wouldn't be a good time for a medical emergency.


Wow - an ACARS printer. PMDG have thought of everything with this bird.


Descending past 11,000 feet now, and up come the speed brakes to get the speed below 250kts.


Turning onto our approach course of 002 degrees, for runway 36 at Dakar. Note the missed approach procedure on the ND - a climb out of GOOY to hold at APTON.


Gear down, flaps extending, and slowing down to our landing speed of 136kts.


Look at the size of those flaps. Spectacular in my opinion.


No VASI or PAPI here it would seem, although there is an ILS to follow. I have the reins 1060 feet above ground level.


Decision height at 180ft AGL, and a Condor 767 on approach behind me.


A gentle touchdown - a little off-centre but not bad for someone with so little experience in the B747.


I worked hard to get the aircraft stopped before the only two taxiways off the runway, to avoid a lengthy backtrack. Even so, I was surprised that it worked.


Another once-in-a-lifetime shot for a local spotter - 747s don't come to Dakar much.


Engines off, doors open, and switching over to APU power as the passengers disembark.


Cold and dark, accompanied on the ramp by a First Choice 767-200 and a TAP A320. A short walk through the terminal allows us to rendezvous with the crew van and we are on our way - another leg completed.


Thanks for viewing, hope you enjoyed the shots :-) Next up is Kris to take us on to Tenerife I think.


Dave :-)

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Wow! I loved that flight Dave, it's very humbling knowing all that was laid on for the baton! :mrhappy:

Great shots and as with all your posts oh so believable, Cheers Dave

I sent Kris a communique earlier on today so hopefully he will be there to collect the baton!

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I've re-viewed your post at least half a dozen times, Dave, and each time I spot something new - really excellent shots, showing the A/C in all her glory - brilliant, thanks. Mind you, I'm going to have to work on the SID, POLTO, GOOY and APTON bits!?!

Cheers - Dai. :mrhappy:

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