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UK2000 Scenery release Edinburgh Xtreme V3

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UK2000 Scenery announces the release of 'Edinburgh Xtreme V3' for FSX and FS2004. Edinburgh international Airport (EGPh) is Scotlands capital airport.This Version3 is a remake of the original 2008 version and now includes a new high resolution base image, and new airport changes made in the last 4 years.

Like all our Xtreme range products you can try this scenery for FREE by downloading the no time limit DEMO version.

Full version purchase price is £16.99. www.uk2000scenery.com


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I would hope that FTX and UK2000 could get their heads together and that Gary's work can be incorporated into Orbx so that we can choose.

I would like to stay with Gary's UK2000 airports as they are the best of UK airports and being an Orbified simmer = (Compulsive Orbx Syndrome) I would like to be able to run both together.

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sorry Joe , i meant Gary , some years ago I flew him around Popham so that he could photograph it from all angles, Nice guy, i do hope that the orbyx presence doesnt hurt him , his stuff is good and getting better all the time. However despite orbyx saying they are not interested in making large airports i note their first efforts contain southampton, ok southampton isnt the largest airport in the uk but ----

I suppose Garys vfr airport series will no doubt suffer, it will be interesting to see how they compare.

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Hi Nigel,

I think there is always going to be a market for photoscenery in the UK as well as the proposed FTX, that bodes well for UK2000.

Gary's sceneries provide excellent value for money for pilots flying GA cross-country and want a more realistic representation of the airport.

Not everyone wants the eye-candy that FTX create so well with their airfields, they are more interested in the aeronautical challenge than a nice screenshot!

I will certainly carry on supporting Gary :thum:

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At the rate they're going, it'll be a very long time (decades?) before Orbx can make a dent in UK2000 on sheer volume alone. Plus, Gary's airfields work out at around 30p each in packs of 70-odd, so of course a £20 stand-alone airfield is going to be miles better. But don't forget you can swap out individual UK2000 fields one at a time as the Orbx replacements come onstream, no different to any other high quality replacement.

Gary's VFR fields have always been intended as mid-quality fields that can be sacrificed for a high quality replacement.

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