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Sept = 3 Is The Magic Number!

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Thanks to Mr Dodgy-Alan for this idea. :thum:

We would like shots of any aircraft that has three engines, jet or prop, military or civil.

The competition closes 23:59 BST Sunday 30th Sept 2012, please check the rules before entering.

Good luck!

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and here are two more shots of the 727, the aircraft that looks fast even when standing still I always thought:

first shot was in the dark, second one is coming down during the day:


and the third is on the ground:


btw, I like that last one, Sam!

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Here are my three folks:

Two tri-things, BEA from another era - Trident and Ju-52-3/m


Next up, the wierd and wonderful Martin XB-51. The third engine is mounted in the tail. Lost out to the Canberra in US trials


And finally, an Aeroflot DC-10 taking off from Heathrow for (somehow!) a colder climate


Good luck folks!

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