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Orbx Releases FTX: NA OG39 Long View Ranch

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OG39 Longview Ranch with its bitumen strip capable of accommodating private jets and a water runway for those precision float plane approaches. 49OR Lands Inn is located in the mountains a short fly away, a perfect place for a fly in, where each year many light aircraft owners enjoy the beauty of the surrounding scenery including the John DayFossil Beds and Painted Hills. Ken Hall and Greg Jones have utilised the latest Orbx Flow technologies including the latest innovation “Creature Flow” to bring this amazing part of CRM to life. CF has the latest animations such as cattle roaming the adjacent paddock, with the occasional stray wandering onto the airstrip, butterflies gently flying between bushes and flowers , horses and even bugs attracted to the lights. Winter has been faithfully rendered using Snow Flow, every building, bridge, rock, blade of grass gets a snowy coat during the winter months. The water strip ices up and floats are replaced by ski's.This is as complete a package as it gets flying between these two airfields and enjoying that amazing view of the Painted Hills and the Fossil Beds that are included in the photoreal area. A classic!

- Ground imagery at 30cm per pixel

- Fully custom modeled airport and objects

- FSX gmax poly runway, aprons and lights

- Beautifully custom modeled vegetation!

- Custom modeled static aircraft

- All models are SnowFlowed for a winter feel

- CreatureFlow inc. cattle, dogs, horses, bugs

- TextureFlow optimised and great FPS

- Irrigation models with spray effects

- Includes FREE BONUS 49 Lands Inn strip!

- Latest PeopleFlow2 models, even more

- Lifelike performing everyday tasks

For screenshots and to purchase your copy visit the following page exclusively to The FlightSim Store:





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