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Orbx Releases FTX: NA S45 Siletz Bay State Airport

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No trip to Oregon is complete without a visit to the rocky coast, and coastal fliers will find a great place to tie down, camp, and sightsee in Siletz Bay State Airport (S45). This small airport is packed with color and character. It's nestled into a swath of forest running along the coast range, just across the street from lovely Glen Eden Beach and right down the road from the tourist destination of Lincoln City. The location makes it a great day trip from other PNW airports such as Stark's Twin Oaks, Creswell, or Walter Sutton's place. The airport, designed by Orbx legendary developer Bill Womack, features high-resolution 4cm/px ground polys, hyper-accurate buildings and details, loads of NatureFlow grasses and trees, StaticFlow aircraft, new PeopleFlow 2 humans, and is one of the debut airports for our sensational new CreatureFlow technology, featuring butterflies, mosquitos, and man's best friend! If you love Bill's previous work, don't miss this one!

- Ground polygon in super HD 4cm per pixel!

- Fully custom modeled airport and objects

- FSX gmax poly runway, aprons and lights

- Beautifully custom modeled vegetation!

- Custom modeled static aircraft

- Wondeful location and beautifully detailed

- CreatureFlow inc. mosquitos, butterflies, dogs

- TextureFlow optimised for great FPS

- Irrigation models with spray effects

- Developed by FS legend Bill Womack!

- Latest PeopleFlow2 models, even more

- Lifelike performing everyday tasks

For screenshots and to purchase your copy visit the following page exclusively to The FlightSim Store:





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