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A PC Pilot writer needs your help

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Hi guys,

I'm posting this here in the hope of getting some help for my friend and pc pilot collegue, Tony Radmilovich.

For readers of the magazine, you'll be more than familiar with Tony's reviews and articles. Well he's in need of some help. Here are the details as written by Jane Whittaker


I am contacting you with some urgency with a request to publicise and help with a plea for help from Tony Radmilovich. As you may know, Tony is a key member of the flight sim community. He has written for the flight sim websites, PC Pilot, Computer Pilot and is an active member of many flight sim groups and clubs He is very very active in the community.

Tony has suffered a devastating spinal injury and to make matter worse, fell from his bed during hospital treatment aggravating the injury. If that sounds dreadful, it gets worse, he is also suffering from life threatening infections. He cannot walk and is extremely ill.

In addition to being a major light in our community, he cares full time for his blind wife Kim.

He has run up enormous medical bills and still needing massive life changing care. Today, in desperation to continue to receive medical care and to maintain his home he has put out a request for help. I have spoken with Kim, his wife and been given permission to share his appeal with the community.

Tony is in a really desperate state and needs help. His story and a request for help can be found at the link below.

"Even though I have good medical coverage through my wife, the out of pocket expenses for surgeries, hospital stays and ambulance rides is in excess of $30,000 and I need ongoing therapies that are not covered in hopes of walking again. I have so many unpaid medical bills, my doctors won’t see me unless I can take care of them and with no income, it is impossible to keep up with them. The hope that we will ever have anything resembling a normal life grows dimmer and the realization that I can't earn enough money to help keep us afloat has been a staggering blow."


There are links in the story above as to how to help Tony. His friends, including myself are also planning simming events to support Tony. We will be giving more info as we formalize these events. Any, and all support from this wonderful community, in whatever way we can is really appreciated. We will also sort out a point of contact for all the efforts to assist Tony.

thank you all for your time, and thank you in advance for helping Tony in whatever way you can,

Jane Whittaker

As you can see, things are looking very grim for tony. My colleagues and I are trying to help out as much as we can and Pete wright has posted a video on YouTube that sets out one way we're trying to raise a bit of money.

I will add that tony is a decent guy who finds himself in a position that anyone of us could be faced with, and as always seems the case, he doesn't deserve to be. Please help if you can. Even a single dollar would be a gret help in ensuring that tony doesn't end up bed bound for the rest of his life


Jessica Bannister-Pearce

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Thanks joe.

The response so far has been astounding. Since posting the original appeal that afternoon, donations of over $1500 have been pledged and it's still climbing. Avsim are even featuring the story on thier main news page. In fact I've just been told we've crashed avsims forum.

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Very touched by this forum posting & wish to repeat Colin Firth's input.

Having lived in the USA and seen their medical/health system at close hand I appreciate our National Health Service here in the UK, which, despite its inneficiencies does provide a lifeline to people in most need - particularly when ill health can result in a drop in income or loss of company health insurance.

Tony Radmilovich has obviously been a contributor to society - surely any civilized society should look after such people when 'lady luck' deals a bad card.


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Just for the sake of accuracy as I'm a semi-autistic pedant, and to avoid any misunderstanding, I am Kevin.... :) Unfortunately I do not benefit from the devilishly handsome good looks or the swollen bank balance of my more well known namesake! :P

Don't want to politicise this thread but +1 on the NHS comments!

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Hi guys, just a quick update from my collegue Jane Whittaker posted over at Avsim:

Hello All,

I just wanted to give you all a quick update and another huge thanks for all of your efforts!

The appeal for Tony is really gathering pace, but we still have a long way to go. Your kindness and generosity has been incredible, making me very proud to be part of this community. I have had contact with Tony and his wife Kim and they are overwhelmed, very emotional and incredibly grateful for the support of everyone. You are already making a huge difference, bringing some light to this dark period of their lives.

There have been a fair few ideas for fundraising efforts. We will be talking to you all about a round the world flight shortly! Ideas have also been coming in from far and wide. Please feel free to send me a PM here if you wish to help in any way with some activity or have ideas to share.

Thank you all for this magnificent effort, that reinforces my firm view that we have the finest community of people in the world. Thank you also to everyone at AVSIM for their continued support and generosity. You are all greatly appreciated.


Thanks guys.

Jess B

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