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We've had the ugliest aircraft before, now it's the most beautiful (In your eyes).

So what floats your boat, a classic oldie? A super slick fighter or dreamliner.

Share your fantasies here!!

Usual rules, 3 shots per member to be posted by 23:59 UTC 31st Dec 2012

Good luck all

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Difficult one this, so many lovely aircraft. In the end I've chosen 3 that have in my eyes, perfect aesthetics coupled with the need for purpose.

First up, the Lockheed 1649 Starliner, in my eyes the epitome of piston engined airliner technology.


next, The Hawker Hunter, Sir Sydney Camms masterpeice.


finally the Supermarine Spitfire, perfect right from the start.


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My three shots.

She had to come first on my Fav.List. Just lighting up the clouds as she climbs to 55,000ft.for mach2.


I give you " The Blackbird " flying high over the Grand Canyon, in the early morning light.


BOAC's COMET4 heading over the pond.


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I agree, a difficult one, but here's my first shot.

I just had to include a Mustang, some one asked me today how many Mustangs I had painted so far, and I came to about 400....clearly I like this plane.

to me, it is the epitome of a prop fighter, sleek, agressive looking, flashy paintjobs, and it could go anywhere with that range...superbird!


don't know yet about the rest though...

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Lots of amazing-looking aircraft this month! I'm definitely jealous of a few :P

Anyway, I'm completely surprised no-one's opted for either the B747 or A380! Also, my favourite aircraft, the B737, here at 50,000ft.




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I had two more to post, so here goes:

I'm not really into tubeliners, and I hardly ever fly them in the sim, but I do have a weakness for the Boeing 727. I love the high T-tail, the three engine layout and the general shape of this bird. It looks fast even when standing on the ground! So one shot of a 727 on the ground:


why not all of those guys in the back are admiring her I don't know...

So on to the most beautiful, at least in my eyes. They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so I imagine a lot of people will disagree with me, but for me, the most beautiful aircraft has always been the Consolidated PBY Catalina. I don't know what it is, the huge, seemingly floating wing, the boatlike shape of the fuselage, those enormous observation bubbles in the back (I took a flight in a Cat once, and the view is stunning!), the big high tail, all those round shapes, the fact that it can fly for 24 hours and land anywhere, water, land, even snow and ice, but it just fascinates me. I even named my daughter after it, how sad is that?

This is one of my many favorite shots of the Cat, late in the afternoon, it has just taken off somewhere in a fjord in Alaska, water still dripping from the hull.....


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