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I started with fs2 on a commodore 64 and whilst i remember it well I now find it hard to accept it was that basic/bad. as these pics show, still it worked as a very good instrument platform even if the graphics were prett cronky

Even looking back to 5.1 which at the time i thought was the nuts pales into insigniicance to what we have today, well heres looking forward to the next 10 years

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you can do that now!! i have a friend near biggin hill who has accumulated a load of ex raf proper simulators , a vulcan, a trident, and a buccaneer on a fully moving base, he also has a phantom in a trailor outside, this was a real phantom that crashed in germany and was cut down and made into a sim, the only problem is that it needs 2 operators to get it working whilst 2 play in the sim,

However getting back to the 3d he has the graphics from a hercules sim that uses a huge screen (imagine the front of a hercy and you get the idea when things are displayed on this parabolic screen and seen throuigh a filter glass they are very much as close to 3d as is possible.

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Mmmmm how about virtual reality? You sit in the cockpit and when you flick switches and use the yoke you feel the resistance of switches and feedback for the yoke when in reality you're in the spare bedroom? Here's hoping that's not too far away! Ps Merry christmas (or happy holidays for the politically correct )

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