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Great Australian Air Rally 2013

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Bluegrass Airlines is proud to announce the Great Australian Air Rally for 2013 (GAAR 2013). The GAAR 2013 will be officially conducted over the period 01-28 Feb 13.

Bluegrass Airlines is delighted to bring this tradition to the flight sim community again and extends an invitation to all Mutley's Hangar members to join us "Down Under" for the event.

The GAAR 2013 involves flying under day and night VFR and IFR conditions over 10 Flight Legs through some of the most beautiful country of New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania, including a treacherous crossing of the infamous Bass Strait.

Registration is now open and can be accessed from the web site below.

So, if you like old piston engines or the rumble of big radials and you like an adventure that will test your flying skills, come and join us for the GAAR 2013.


This is a 10 Flight Leg tour. It basically follows a course from Sydney (YSBK) down the south coast of New South Wales and east coast of Victoria before heading further south, crossing Bass Strait and touring around Tasmania before finishing in Melbourne (YMMB). To add some variety, the route is interspersed with deviations inland and includes mandatory T & Gs and fuel stops.

Anyone can participate, but you are limited to using any radial or other piston engined aircraft that flew in the period 1930s to 1950s. Turboprop, turbojet, turbofan and other such engined aircraft are not eligible for entry in the event - but don't let that put you off.

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Thanks, Andrew - always enjoy your Rallies. I've downloaded the Test Flight info and will register. Looking forward to it! :thum:

Now then - is anyone interested in being in Team-Mutley again this year? If you haven't done one of Andrew's GAARs before, then joining the team is an excellent introduction. I'll start a Team-Mutley for GAAR 2013 thread.

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

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I'm sure I can find some time so I'm in again for this year Dai. :thum: I have always flown these myself too, hope I can fit them all in this year too! I'm thinking the new Hudson will work out just perfect.

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All the airport diagrams for the GAAR 2013 route are available in a zip file in the MH File Library -> Airport Diagrams -> Special Events section, here....




The file size is a bit under 4 MB.



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