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Mutley's Hangar End of Year Awards: Results!

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After a month of voting and discussin it gives us great pleasure to annouce the Mutley's Hangar End of Year Awards:

Mass Scenery Add-on (Whole region) -


Commercial Airport -

UK2000 Cardiff

Commercial Aircraft - Quality Wings BAe-146

Military Aircraft -

Aerosoft OV10 Bronco

Historic Aircraft -

Just Flight DC6-B

I Can't Live Without This -

REX Essentials + Overdrive

Surprise Package -

Opus Weather Engine

Creme De La Creme (Best add-on of the year) -

REX Essentials + Overdrive

Freeware Add-on -

ACG Duxford

Thank you to everyone who voted and to the developers for making 2012 a fantastic year for Flight Simulation

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REX came out good but I sure seem to see alot of folks on other forums having trouble with downloading the shear size of it and also getting it to run correctly. Must be a huge and confusing program.

It was interesting to see the comments on what everybody thought was their favorites and what folks are actually purchasing for the flight sim. Thanks for the thread guys. :thum:

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Well, I think it's nearly 8GB! It's not too bad to run, although there appears to be a mind-boggling choice, and frankly I overuse the 'random' buttons scattered throughout! I'm certainly eyeing up anything that appears on this list.

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