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On 22nd December 1964, the first flight of the SR-71 blackbird began at Air Force Plant No. 42 in California, piloted by Lockheed test pilot Robert 'Bob' Gilliland. It flew faster than 1000 mph and r

On this day 91 years ago................................my dear old Mum was born, Happy Birthday Mum!   Mike

Sorry to hear fame went to Bader's head. Guess he had to by his own drinks then.

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I Met Bader once, He was an arrogant pig, He had chips on both shoulders because of who he was and was an extremely boorish individual. Nice as pie when there were cameras or reporters etc around.  I was so dissapointed as when I was a kid he'd been a sort of hero to me. A great fighter pilot that had defied the odds to get back in the air. The reality was he'd dined out on it and was simply full of himself. He was hated at Booker where I was working, Downright dangerous is how some of the ATC guys described him. He would often appear in the landing circuit and rather than land in turn he'd call up the tower and say "Bader here, I'm coming in!" then turn off his radio causing all other aircraft to get out of his way! There was a sigh of relief when he finally died I can tell you.


By complete contrast I've also met John Cunningham(Night fighter pilot and Chief test pilot for De Havilland) and Alex Henshaw(Chief test pilot on Spitfires), both were really nice guys.

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Well, today we have two pieces.


First, in 1915, Johnnie E Johnson was born. My grandad did actually serve with him post war


And, from the EADS Facebook pgae, the Blériot 125 Transporter (12 passengers max.) completes its first flight.

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