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Air Hauler and helipads question

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Long time since using Air Hauler - too much going on, but...

I remember using helicopters in AH and having to land on the numbers - i.e. touch-down on a runway and not the ramp or helipad. I guess this is still the case? Other than default (M.S. generated) helipads - which are few and far between outside major international airports - will AH handle helipads that I insert as Add-On scenery? If you could point me to the right information I'd be most grateful - Thanks! :thum:

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

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I don't really know, Dai. My best suggestion would be a throw-away test company with the job distance and AC range set very short and a base somewhere in an airport-rich environment to "test the waters".

I do know that at the instant of touchdown AH uses FSUIPC to grab the "surface type" and if it doesn't match the runways available it assumes an off-airport landing. I assume that landing on a helipad, taxiway or a ramp would not be a problem, but the grass alonside or between might very well be. If you don't land on a proper surface, FSUIPC returns the landclass for the surrounding area - that means it may look like mown grass to you but might very well be "Urban" or "Forest" to AH with unpleasant financial results.


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I visited Denver and the surrouding area once, beautiful place. Nice clean city and the folks were real pleasant. :D  Funny thing though was, I went out to eat dinner in a tee-shirt but when we came out of the restaurant it was snowing. :huh:  Strangest weather change I ever saw. :cool:

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