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Leg 39 - Cork (EICK) to Dublin (EIDW)

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Well, here is the penultimate leg of this ATWC - doesn't seem to have taken that long this time!


Anyway, I was sitting at home relaxing when Clem called. He'd arrived at Cork safely and that meant one thing - I had to take the baton to Dublin. Intensive planning was required, but the time to do that was on the train down the Cork. No problem - the 10:42 ex. Portlaoise is a nice Mark IV set with Wi-Fi, so everything should work out.


Plan-G was loaded and the plan plotted. Feels like I've just gone past some of these places.......




Yep - following the railway line!




The next morning I went down to the airport to collect my aircraft. It was going to be a wet day by the looks of it, but I'm sure 161 would have no problems.




An Aer Arann ATR72 is parked next to me




Engine started and taxing out




Passing a TNT 146 and an Aer Lingus A321




Time to go




Lift off




Gear cleaned up




The weather has cleared up a bit and we head to Cork city centre




This is supposed to be where Cork Kent station should be - 165.25 miles from Dublin Heuston station




The tunnel out of Cork gives some wonderful sound effects



Anyway, when the railway pops out of the tunnel we pick up FS' version of the railway




Hmm - not very good is it? Anyway, here is Mallow station, 144.5 miles from Heuston




Carrying on




This is Limerick Junction - famous for it's flat crossing. It's 107 miles from Heuston and 22 miles from Limerick itself




Templemore, 78.75 miles to go




A view from the cockpit as the clouds clear




Some general shots








This is where Laois Traincare Depot should be in Portlaoise, home of the 22000 Class DMU's. 52.5 miles from Heuston




Portlaoise itself, 51 miles




Portarlington, the join point of the Wesport/Galway lines, 41.75 miles




A couple more general shots








Weston airport






Dublin ahead




Journey's end at Dublin Heuston




The Museum




And over to Dublin Airport




Head to head against a 737




An odd approach




But down safely




The Aer Lingus Retro-Jet




Taxiing in




And shut down




Thanks for viewing folks!

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Well done Kieran (Couldn't have been Chuck flying Joe, the pilot was lacking that distinctive beak/nose ;)


But that railway line seemed awfully deserted to me ;)


To bad you missed the on-line event.. we had a blast (hopefully it will be evident in the upcoming video too ;) )

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Nice one Kieran.  Not surprising there was a rail theme as well.  After having done a low level flight in the Ju 52 way back somewhere when we started the ATWC IV I know how much work and fun they can be...good job in the "Spit".




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