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I'm posting this in AH because it affects my AH flying.


I've got an interesting conflict with Orbx PNW scenery. here's the sequence of events:


1.  - I set up my home base in AH to be CYCD (Nanaimo, BC, Canada) and flew for a month or so using the stock FSX scenery library.


2. - Pretty soon I got envious of the lovely scenery shots others were posting on MH and decided to get onboard. So, I bought ORBX PNW and, while I was in the store, so to speak, purchased the Pacific Fjords package as well.


3. - This turned out to be a mistake - for AH. Don't get me wrong, the scenery files are wonderful and I love flying them, but It was a bit much for my AH experience. The loading process got to the point where it just took too long.


4. - Being a "follow the instructions" sort of fellow, I went through the routine of disconnecting AH from the Orbx scenery - this is a menu item under the Options tab.


5. - There is also a small subroutine that is supplied with the Orbx scenery, called "FTXCentral". This routine allows you to specify which scenery files you'll be using when flying FSX. I went in there and de-selected "North America", the Orbx files, and selected "Default" which is, presumably, the FSX stock stuff.


6. Now whenever I go to fly an AH job, AH starts me out in the woods a few hundred feet north and a bit east of where I usually leave the plane. Not good. Immediate "Crash" if I happen to get located with a pine tree through a wing.


I'm wondering if any of you MH'ers have experienced the same issue. If so, I'd like to hear the solution.


I don't want to unload the Orbx software - after all, I do fly other than AH jobs and it is nice to use the better scenery files. I've tried running the AH "Import Scenery" routine several times in the vain hope that AH will loose its lock on the erroneous (for AH) georeference. All to no avail. I've taken to selecting one of the parking spots that is out in the boonies whenever I load AH (Gates 5, 6, and 7) because they don't put me in the woods. They don't put me at the gate, but that is less important than dodging trees.


I'm going to give this question a fair go here on MH, then re-post to the AH forum if I can't find a solution here.


Elsewhere in this forum, you'll find a short tutorial on Georeferencing as it applies to Orbx and FSX.

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Here's my guess. After turning off FTX Central PNW and going to default scenery, make a real short haul after maneuvering yourself from the woods. Land and taxi to your "New Default scenery" parking area. Now rerun the Air Hauler scenery database. All AH trips start from your last parked position. Don't forget to turn off crash detection before making your initial move from the woods. 

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Thanks Brett,


That was job #1 after the first crash in the woods. It doesn't matter where I leave the aircraft (nor which aircraft). Every time I load a plane on AH it starts me off in the boonies.


I'm assuming this is an AH issue because that's the only time I wind up in the woods. I guess I'll give Slopey a buzz and see if there's any advice forthcoming from that side.


I really hate trying to troubleshoot on some of these forums. I never have any luck with the search engine - I get reams of off-topic trash to read through. Believe me, before I posted here, I researched this problem as best I could on the AH forum.


Most times it is better just to find some sort of work-around and carry on with your life. I have done that with this issue. I know now to start from one of the gates out in left field. 


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Thanks for that advice, John.


I'll do that. Although, one thing I've learned from this experience is that a crash in AH when the engine is not running doesn't count. You simply shut down FSX, shut down AH, then re-start the process. I don't think this will get me anywhere because AH won't let me use the slew function and that appears to be the only way (straight up) to get out of the woods. I end up shutting down AH and re-starting from a position that keeps me out of the trees. I haven't tried simply taxiing out of the trees and through the fence with crashes turned off. Maybe that is possible.


Another thing that is becoming obvious is that AH does not restart from where I last left the aircraft. Even with this option checked in the Options Menu (start from last place....) AH gives me a choice of gate which it should not do as it is supposed to start from where I left the aircraft (that IS checked). Good thing it does ask for a gate, though. That is the only way I can position the plane from inside AH that does not have me eatin' bushes.

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This happened to me also. When landing at my base (Lee-on-Solent) FSX reported a building crash even though I was 800 feet up on the approach. AH still let me unload the cargo as if I had not crashed, but when I went to do my next flight, my stbd wing was stuck in a building and I got an immediate crash! All I did was start FSX with no crash detection and flew my next flight. I then turned it back on. Good as new.

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