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Video Tutorial on FSX Mission Editor

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I've been using Jim Keir's FSX Mission Editor (FSXME) for a number of years and find it invaluable for FSX mission development. Like many apps, however, there's quite a steep learning curve to FSXME, so I thought I'd put this basic tutorial together to help anyone who wants to get into FSX mission building and would like to get to grips with Jim's editor. Here's the link:

I hope you enjoy the tutorial and that it gives you the confidence to try FSXME for yourself. Who knows, you could be building your own FSX missions within days! 

Lastly, a big Thank You to Jim Keir, who had the foresight to develop FSXME in the first place.

Cheers - Dai. cool.gif

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Perfect, loved it Dai and all the hard work you put into it is much appreciated. (Dai was also nice enough to post it on my mission site as well.) You Sir, are a flight sim philanthropist. :)

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Wow Dai!

What an excellent tutorial you have done for us.

I'm up late again for the usual reasons and was trawling the Hangar and found this item.

I can't stress enough, what a brilliant job you have done to both encourage and entice us into Jim Keir's Mission Editor.

If anyone can tell me if it's possible to use it on an iPad then transfer it to my flight pc, for when I'm able to use it. That would be great.

I could then edit or indeed, create my own missions using the iPad which I'm able to do at the moment.

If it's not possible, no worries. I will have to wait until I am able to sit at my flight pc.

Having said that, I am sure your little tut' has inspired me.

Thanks very much Dai.

EDIT: I was thinking if it is possible to connect my iPad to my flight pc to use Jims prog', via wireless?


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Bri' -Good to hear from you, mate! Glad you took the i-Plunge! I find it almost indispensible now after almost a year (Thanks, Tim!)

Now then - I will investigate the iPad/FSXME connection as it's something that would be very useful especially debugging missions. The wireless connection is possibly the most promising route - I'll let youknow.

Still got the white stuff? We''ve got a bit on the north facing fields, but not a lot. Temp still below or around zero (273 K to you!) and soil too cold for planting. Spring around what corner, eh?!?

Love to M and take it easy.

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

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Hey Dai,

I look forward to your findings regarding the wireless thingamajig.

I can honestly say that we have only had a covering of snow in our garden, once this winter. It lasted a couple of days and since then, we have only had frost. There is a good covering on the usual ski areas, but we had not had any in the garden so far. Fingers crossed.

We can't believe it. We are normally under snow in Feb/March but not this season. Lucky or what?

We're not complaining.

Take care and bests to Pam.

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