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April = ♪ Sunrise ... Sunset ♬

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No not the song from Fiddler On The Roof, but our latest screenshot competition.  :D


This month we would like to see those dreamy dawn and/or dust shots, any aircraft.

Please familiarise yourself with the rules here if you are not a regular   :thum:


Good luck, the competition closed 23:59 BST April 30th.

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You guys are going to get tired of this screenshot.


Shot on the descent into CYDQ (Dawson Creek, BC, Canada), at sunset.

Stock FSX weather/scenery. Custom Beaver - my new pride and joy.




Continuing with the Round-Engined Amphib theme. Here's a dawn climbout.




Still over water, but not able to use it for a runway. Dawn departure over the Gulf Islands, BC, Canada. Getting an early start, heading SSE towards Washington State, on an Air Hauler job.




That'll be my three............

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Two lovely freewares for the first one: POSKY's complete 737 package yielded Aloha Airlines B737-200, here over F.D. Roosevelt Airport, Oranjestad, Caribbean somewhere: http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=173511



Second: Thomas Ruth's A340 Complete Package (freeware again), Etihad Airlines A340-600. Climbing out over Kingsford Smith International, Sydney, Australia (not that you can tell, the cloud was low and thick there yesterday it appears).



Third: POSKY again, B737 Australian Air Force something-something. Flying out of Jervis Bay military airport, New South Wales I think.



All with REX of course! All dawns, my sunset attempts just didn't work. Nearly forgot to crop the pictures again :P Amazing pictures so far!

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Here are my starters, as usual subject to change.

Final Sunset, RMS Titanic. April/15/1912 ...In Memorium.

Very nice shots Alan.  However, the Titanic never saw sunrise or sunset on 15 April, 1912, as she slipped beneath the surface in the early morning hours of 15 April.  her last sunset was on 14 April.

You must have taken this photo then,  Too bad you didn't warn them of what was ahead. :D

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It was shot on the 14th but as the ship sank on 15th I dedicated the Memorium for that date. ( Besides which, as The Doctor will tell you, you're not allowed to interfere with history!) :D I got the idea for that shot from a certain Mr James Cameron! ;)

I have now amended the details to make it a bit clearer. :P

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Here are my three for this month:


A Lancaster waits at it's dispersal, waiting for the Peenemunde operation in 1943




A Mosquito making a dsah across the North Sea for home




And finally - is this the end of manned fighter aircraft? Or the beginning of a new era?




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