Welcome to MEBAR 2018 - The "Feel the Power" tour!

Mutley's Hangar is pleased to announce our latest flying challenge, the Mutley's Easter Bunny Air Rally (MEBAR) 2018.


MEBAR is a fun event, so we'll be keeping it simple by asking you to select either a single or twin prop aircraft, that's the only real limitation, but see the "Rules" page for a definitive description. The MEBAR will provide an event for flight simulation pilots of all skill levels, from the novice to the more experienced pilots, and from all corners of the globe, to test their flight and navigation skills.

MEBAR will be held during the Easter holiday in late March / early April 2018. Andrew Godden, who has organised the MEBAR since its inception, has kindly agreed to help us again this year with the MEBAR 2018, so we're in very good hands.

The madness which has become this "Flying Circus" returns for its eighth year and this year we are on the road again as we travel to far, distant lands. Now, there are some in the flight sim world who don't venture out of their own backyard when it comes to flying. Their idea of flying is a morning little jolly up and down their home valley, back to the airfield for some procedural circuits, and home in time for afternoon tea. For those of us that have ventured farther afield, we know the virtual world provides a wealth of flying adventures and experience that is as rich and diverse as the world is wild and varied. MEBAR 2018 ventures to the rugged fjords and remoteness of Norway. It consists of five Flight Legs starting at Oslo. We then zigzag our way north, weaving a course between the mountains and the coast, to finish in the small village of Rossvoll. So, prepare yourselves and your aircraft to enjoy the journey, and come and "Feel the Power".

There is a Test Flight to be completed prior to Registration, to establish your aircraft category, and to validate a cruise speed. Further details of the Test Flight, Rally Route, Rules, PIREPs, etc., can be found by clicking on the navigation tabs at the top right of the MEBAR 2018 web site pages. The home page has a few more links that we could not fit on the tabs so be sure to make our home page, your home page!

Event Format Overview

The flights involve either, and / or, a combination of VOR, NDB, and dead reckoning navigating under day Visual Flight Rule (VFR) and / or Instrument Flight Rule (IFR) conditions. Variable departure times and weather conditions will also exist for each flight. The Flight Leg dates and reporting times are detailed under the "Flight Schedule" link.

Eligible Aircraft Overview

Eligible aircraft include any single or twin piston engine or turboprop engine aircraft. Turbojet, turbofan, and other such engined aircraft are not eligible for entry in the event. The actual choice of aircraft is entirely at the discretion of the individual participant, provided it falls within the guidelines. Other considerations should include the Flight Leg distance and runway length and surface. More information regarding aircraft eligibility is contained under the "Rules" link.

Rules Overview

Unfortunately, there is a need to have Rules to successfully conduct events such as the MEBAR 2018. The Rules, including detailed explanation of eligible aircraft, flight dates, reporting times, and other requirements are contained under the "Rules" link.

Pilot Registration

If you are interested in registering for the MEBAR 2018, and have completed the test flight, read and understood the rules and requirements for participating, then click on the "Send Pilot Registration" link. Please Note: Pilot Registration closes 23:59 UTC on Thursday, 29th March 2018. So, fire up your sim and get cracking on the Test Flight! MEBAR 2018, and the fun, starts here!

Quotes from previous MEBAR events...

Nailed this one. Thank You for an enjoyable Easter.

That's all my five flight's completed now, and as always, very enjoyable. Many thank's for putting this rally together, it's a challenge I look forward to each and every year. Keep up the brilliant work guys, I love it!

Finally in Santiago for a lovely Pimms. Tough rally and found it a real challenge to keep to times. It is such an excellent flying competition that is fun and easy going at the same time as pushing your skills. Loved it but glad to have finished!

Overall a fine rally. Hope there is more and how about British Columbia, CA or Alaska... maybe throw in an amphibian option. Gunk

Dash is great fun when you forget to tell the ground crew to pull the pins out of the gears! Had to land at SCCH to get it fixed. Real life almost kept me from completeing this on time. Was a great rally, taught me alot about VOR navigation and I really enjoyed the touch & gos enroute. Thanks for organizing!

Thank you for putting this together! Thoroughly enjoyed it, even when burning out turbines on the last leg of a day. Excellent work! I'll be back.

Great flight. I was a little worried when after taking off and I was pointed between two mountains the aircraft turned 20 degrees to port and headed straight for a mountain. After straightening that out everything went fine. Really enjoyed MEBAR 2017.

It was a great rally, you guys did a good job. Looking forward to the next one. Allen

Dank U, Danke, Gracias, Merci, Diky, Thank you, Salamat ....... there are in no way enough languages to say thanks for your great effort to organize another great MEBAR event. I lost track how many Mebars I did till today but already looking forward to next year again :-) Thanks Chaps, much appreciated. Cheers, Peter
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