Flight Schedule

Flight Leg ICAO Departing Arriving ICAO Distance approx (NM) PIREP Due
1 LGAT Athens Kythira LGKC 250.7 Fri 19th April 2019
2 LGKC Kythira Argos Orestiko  LGKA 360.2 Sun 21st April 2019
3 LGKA Argos Orestiko  Mytilene LGMT 382.9 Tue 23rd April 2019
4 LGMT Mytilene Kasos  LGKS 295.0 Thu 25th April 2019
5 LGKS Kasos  Athens
LGAT 266.0 Sat 27th April 2019
1554.8 Total distance

Flight Leg 1

The start point for MEBAR 2019 is the old Athens international airport, Ellinikon Airport (LGAT). Flight Leg 1 has us heading south, as we island hop our way to the island of Crete before turning northwest for our first stop on the small island of Kythira.

Flight Leg 2

Continuing our journey, Flight Leg 2 takes us over the historical site of Olympia, before continuing to island hop our way to the north of Greece and Kastoria in Western Macedonia.

Flight Leg 3

From Kastoria, we head east to the border with Turkey before turning south to enjoy more islands, concluding Flight Leg 3 with a special stop on the island of Lesbos.

Flight Leg 4

Flight Leg 4 continues our journey south through the islands, finishing on Kasos the southern most island of the Aegean Sea.

Flight Leg 5

More islands are the focus for the final Flight Leg as we make our way northwest and back to Ellinikon Airport (LGAT).