Flight Schedule

The madness which has become this "Flying Circus" returns for its eighth year and this year we are on the road again as we travel to far, distant lands. Now, there are some in the flight sim world who don't venture out of their own backyard when it comes to flying. Their idea of flying is a morning little jolly up and down their home valley, back to the airfield for some procedural circuits, and home in time for afternoon tea. For those of us that have ventured farther afield, we know the virtual world provides a wealth of flying adventures and experience that is as rich and diverse as the world is wild and varied. MEBAR 2018 ventures to the cold climes and magnificent fjords of Norway. It consists of five Flight Legs starting at Oslo (ENGM) and then weaves its way back and forth across the country as we head north to finish at Rossvoll (ENRA). So, prepare yourselves and your aircraft to enjoy the journey and to "Feel the Power".

Flight Leg ICAO Departing Arriving ICAO Distance approx (NM) PIREP Due
1 ENGM Oslo Gardermoen Skien Geiteryggen ENSN 181 Fri 30th Mar 2018
2 ENSN Skien Geiteryggen Stord Sorstokken ENSO 222 Sun 1st April 2018
3 ENSO Stord Sorstokken Forde Bringeland ENBL 385 Tue 3rd April 2018
4 ENBL Forde Bringeland Froya Flatval ENFA 242 Thu 5th April 2018
5 ENFA Froya Flatval Moirana Rossvoll
ENRA 374 Sat 7th April 2018

Flight Leg 1

The city of Oslo is the start point for the MEBAR. The capital, and most populous city, it was founded in 1040 and is the economic and governmental centre of Norway.

From our start point at Oslo, we initially head south before turning west to Skien. Skien is one the oldest cities in Norway, with an urban history dating back to the Middle Ages.

The first day of the MEBAR and Flight Leg 1 provides a familiar "shake down" flight of 181 nm from Oslo (ENGM) to Skien (ENSN). From the outset, the flight provides the first opportunity to "Feel the Power". The flight also includes some mountainous areas and it should ease you into VOR / NDB navigation techniques. That's all I will say, the rest is up to you and your flight planning, and as the old adage goes, "Time spent in the planning is never wasted.".  Good luck and "Feel the Power".

Flight Leg 2

With a mid morning departure time for Flight Leg 2, from Skien (ENSN) we continue a general westerly route as we zigzag through the mountains to Sorstokken (ENSO). Sorstokken is a peninsula on the island of Stord. The peninsula is 3.4 km (2.1 mi) long and about 1 km (0.62 mi) wide. Connected to the main part of the island by a 500 m (1,600 ft) wide isthmus, other than a small residential area on the isthmus, the airport is the only major thing located on the peninsula.

After a testing first couple of days, we will enjoy a rest day in nearby Leirvik where you can calm your nerves and relax in preparation for an afternoon departure for the next, and longest Flight Leg.

Flight Leg 3

After a relaxing day in Leirvik, Flight Leg 3 awaits us from Sorstokken (ENSO) to Bringeland (ENBL). Located south of the town of Forde, there is not much else that can be said about Bringeland.

Considered the most challenging Flight Leg from a navigation perspective, Flight Leg 3 is also the longest Flight Leg at 385 nm. A late morning departure greets us as this sector virtually takes us on a journey which nearly crosses the entire country twice. Now, if all of that isn't enough, the approach into Bringeland (ENBL) could also be a little tricky.

Flight Leg 4

The penultimate Flight Leg awaits us with an afternoon departure from Bringeland (ENBL) to Flatval (ENFA) for Flight Leg 4. Flatval is located on the island of Froya. The island lies in a large archipelago of islands in the Froyhavet sea, just northwest of the entrance to the Trondheimsfjorden, the third longest fjord in Norway.

With one Flight Leg to go, we will take advantage of another rest day on Froya to take in the peace and tranquillity of this rugged island.

Flight Leg 5

So, the final day of the MEBAR. The final Flight Leg, and the second longest leg of the MEBAR at 374 nm, Flight Leg 5 zigzags its way north, between the coast and the mountains, from Flatval (ENFA) to Rossvoll (ENRA). What might seem like a relatively easy Flight Leg, just to keep you honest, the approach into Rossvoll (ENRA) needs some close attention. You have been warned.

Whilst all the geography lessons may be interesting, after such an event as the MEBAR, all you are concerned about is relaxing. Maybe another Pimm's, "G&T", Scotch, or "Bundy and Coke" is in order and then some.