PIREP Submission

Flight Time is calculated from wheels rolling (Start Timer) on the take off roll, to wheels stop (Stop Timer) at the end of the landing roll, and must be reported in minutes to two decimal places. For added realism, you may reposition your aircraft in the respective Flight Leg situation file and taxi from parking to the active, and you may taxi to the terminal at the end of rollout, but this time must not be included in the flight time. To avoid possible timing errors due to crossing time zones it is recommended that UTC (Zulu) time be used rather than local time.

This timing process can be simplified by using Tom Goodrick's flight timer program available from the Downloads page.

You are required to submit a single flight report (PIREP) for each of the five MEBAR flights as they are completed. A single PIREP for each flight must be sent.

Under normal circumstances late PIREPs will not be accepted. Any participant failing to file a PIREP within the specified time period may be declared "Withdrawn".


If you wish to make comments about the flown Flight Leg, please add it in the comments section below.

Problems and Corrections

If you have any problems or corrections relating to PIREPs, please contact the MEBAR Committee using the Contact form and we will endeavour to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

Further Note on Filing PIREPs

Filing PIREPs well in advance of their due dates is highly recommended and encouraged.

Please use the form below to submit your PIREP. If you make a mistake after submission, fill out a new form, but please use the message box to inform the Committee of the change.


Your flight details will appear on the results page after the flight within 24 hours of the due date being reached.