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Quotes from registrations and other contacts:

Hi guys. A very big thank you from my side for yet another MEBAR. I got hooked last year flying the P51 Mustang around the South Americans. This year I think I'll go either A2A Texan or A2A Comanche, not sure yet. Will do the test flight this weekend and hop around Norway some more to get my decision going. Naturally I will bore you to tears again with my flight stories! 

[The Test Flight] Flown with ORBX FTX Global OpenLC Europe and EU Norway scenery. It was just beautiful.

Thanks guys for offering this opportunity to enjoy flight simming at it's best! Appreciate your efforts.

Looking forward to another happy Easter with MEBAR.

We're off!

Looking forward for the legs. Love Norway.

Yes, I am feeling the power!

Eight years, wow ... congratulations ...!

Glad to be back!

Glad to see this back. This will be my second year and hopefully I won't make the same mistakes as last year!

Looking forward to a wonderful Mebar again, thank you so much for organizing it again!

Thanks for the invite. Looking forward to this year's scramble.

Thank you again for planning such an interesting looking event .

Well here I am again...really hoping to do better than last year...the only way is up...and yet again thanks to one and all at Mutleys for putting together this great event. Thanks for making my flightsim year complete.

My second MEBAR! Looking forward to it, flight plans look awesome!

Having fun since the test flight!

I know it's going to be fun. Many thanks for taking the time to put the MEBAR together!

Had to put in a New VFR IFR COCKPIT

A perfect Test Flight cruise speed to fly on the Flight Legs.

Blah blah blah

Quotes from flight leg 1:

Felt the power all right ... full throttle when realising the ground was getting close on the last two legs! Great 'shakedown' .... steep learning curve on instrument navigation ... okay, now for number 2.

They say you learn from your mistakes. I learned several things on this leg. It's great to be flying the MEBAR again!

Much more fun than expected. Being an X-Plane user, I expected my world could lack some navaid. But this first leg already is lacking two main navaids that are the reference for the leg briefing. (Note: not complaining at all, just describing where the fun was!) Luckily I could create a Plan-G database from my old FSX. I created a flight plan from the instructions and did three quarters of the flight with no more aid than the heading and the clock. But hey, that's what rallies are all about, right? Can't wait to get back from my easter holidays (starting tomorrow) and get in the second leg. Thank you Mutley!

Absolute pre-plan and enjoy.

I don't suppose the weather is usually this clear?

Nice start - not too difficult.

Seems a huge difference between my plan G time and the time the timer gives.

We're off....great flight and as usual fantastic scenery (ORBX).

Plan generated with Plan-G. Imported into LittleNavMap.

Very nice flight, hope I meet the expected time.

Monospar. One of the disadvantages of having a fixed undercarriage is their tendency to collect unwanted firewood. However, I know which tree it came from.

Great start - thanks. Loved watching the stars as I flew.

Nice starting flight for this year's MEBAR!

Norway ORBX scenery used. Looked great.

Was fun to plan and fly.

It is nice in Norway. Maybe a bit cold.

Some difficulty in establishing the navigation as some waypoints were difficult to locate: some navaids did not exist in P3D. Used the information in the forum.

I now realize how poor my radio navigation skills have become..Will try to fly each leg with just the map, and leg instructions. I expect some poor scores, BUT my skills will improve !

Who put that bl**dy mountain there at waypoint 3?!

Very pleasant flight.

Took the first leg wayyy too slowly and was just trying to catch up the rest of the flight... Norway has nice views so I didn't really mind.

this is a gentle reminder .... I seem to be a little rusty.

Great flight, nice scenery.....sure looks cold though.

What a nice flight, enjoyed it very much

Thank goodness for Johan van Wyk and his nav aids.

Well done Andrew first one of these i've done as an old salt would be a lot easier with paper charts and a big nav table but am enjoying the challenge

Les Knight is a pseudonym one of my flying heroes he on was an australian pilot on the dam busters raid

Now that's what I'm talking about. Got to be happy with that.

Quotes from flight leg 2:

Great choice of route, very scenic (when the clouds weren't in the way!).

She's a clunker but I love her you know I really love computers but they have'nt really got any better can't wait for artificial intelligence

Ooops got lost and confused!

Fewer mistakes this time. Awesome flight!

very scenic flight....sure looks cold down there

While transposing the waypoints I figured out from the FSX database into my X-Plane flight plan, I probably missed something, but it's Ok as long as I made it to the destination airport, ready to fly my next leg. Having so much fun

FS9 flight planning is useless for this kind of navigation. I noticed some people talking about swizzy flight planners they had. FSX, I believe would have been useful. Having charts to work out intersections for waypoints would have been valuable and saved a lot of time flying around in circles trying to work out whether intersections between VORs and NDB were East, West, North or South ... anyway, it was interesting & polished some of my neglected instrument skills.

Got totally lost. At least didn't die.

Leg 2!! Really enjoying this :)

The rust is set in .... I flew around w/p 4 twice sorting out my from and to. Still having a good time going back to the basics.

A bid of scud running needed in areas, and wow, what a beautiful place.

Keep the clouds away. I miss seeing the scenery. It cost a lot of money I could have spent on Bundaberg Rum.

Not sure I am getting the required wind conditions.

This is my Pirep for Flight number 2. Great scenery en route!

Change in the weather...great route.

A beautiful, scenic flight. Made me think of the movie "Troll Hunter."

Landed runway 15.

Some VFR and IFR over beautiful Norway today. Wonderfull stuff!

Half way through this leg I realized that the SECTOR DISTANCE was not what the DME for the VOR should read! Another cross country adventure. I now have a FSX MAP that looks like a 2 year old childs wall writting. and the time will show it...

Quotes from flight leg 3:

Landed on runway 07. Had terrain issues at the field. Had ORBX Norway scenery installed and Pilot's mesh.

I'm starting to figure out through using "Little Nav Map" ,a protractor, and diffrent colored pencils. I can print out a map of the area, use the protractor to find the bearings from the VOR and NDB's and intersect the lines for the way points. Good old fashioned navigation. I will not score well but I am enjoying the mental work and the scenery.

What a journey spectacular with the Norwegian scenery.

Nice views... when the clouds permitted! The LOC arrival helped a lot but my DC-3 only stopped on the grass!

Very interesting approach to ENBL

I had a terrain mismatch and the runway elevation was wrong at ENBL. After flying most of the LOC 07 approach, the last time was 134.06 and I added .5 for touchdown and braking.

... Now, if all of that isn't enough, the approach into Bringeland (ENBL) could also be a little tricky." you said in the navigation instructions. Now this was a understatement... ;-) this was my landing, I really dont know if this counts.

ENBL was a bit of a challenge for a Mustang

Long fly, but challaging weather.

All these Fjords and not a Norwegian blue in sight.

I think there must be a shorter way from ENSO to ENBL!

Nice weather to mix things up... Fairly long flight but worth the time spent... Thanks for the MBEAR guys... Gunk

Since my fellow pilots also are flying a 20/20 setup the variance in flight time is deriving from another basic configuration of the airplane (missing tip tank, propellers etc.).

Great leg - arrival was a challenge!

Looong trip :-)

Another great flight and yes, the approach to ENBL was a little testing.

Long day in the seat, actually did this twice .... 3 min diff .... I'm happier with todays flight which was quicker by a tad. Still getting to grips with it and a strange aircraft I only use for joy flights once in a while. Anyway Cheers from the PI.

Nice flight, if a tad bit too cloudy to watch the nice terrain here.

Wow ! What a flight that was for my 3rd flight of this years Mebar (2018). Heavy rain on departure, thick clouds, strong gusts of wind, etc, en route, and a tricky little landing to deal with at the destination airfield. Didn't think I was going to see it through the thick clouds!! Certainly kept me on my toes guys. Well done.

Interesting flight. Nancy told me it was a "Good flight, good landing"!

Talk about a blind leg -Fog, fog and more fogging fog!

Quotes from flight leg 4:

This has been a fun. I think I will fly all my light aircraft with out a nav/gps button, no computer generated flight plan. just the map an landmarks. It makes for terrible scores but I feel good when I find the airport. I add 500tt to cruise altitude as I found myself seeing eye to eye with some mountian tops last leg.

Difficult approach due to low visibility. No chance to enjoy the landscape during the flight as the visibility was almost always very low.

Again a remarkable flight. wind rain and visual landing enva rw27

Short runway. Winds 231/02, Light Rain, Ceiling 1700 Scattered, Visibility 3 miles. This was a tough landing.

Tough to hang on the ground speed.

Toughest flight so far in this years Mebar and took me 3 attempts to land!!! Mist and Murk the entire flight.

Short field approach and landing. Kept the tail in the air to kill lift. Had plenty of room left after we got her stopped.

Please give me CAVOK weather condition so I can enjoy of your beautiful country.

Thanks for this great adventure. Except for the ugly weather conditions it was just perfect. 8-))

Soggy weather. Nice flight, although I prefer hand flying VFR anytime over IFR anyday ;-).

Went around once but saved the day !

DC-3 - see forum for comments about Galdhøpiggen - the Monospar will be flying some of this leg at 9000'!

Landing was tricky this time round. 3 go-arounds due to low cloud and a very short runway!


No scenery at all, lucky I decided to fly higher (10,000) otherwise I could be in for a long walk or worse. Didn't see the final airport till I was on top even thou I did a 5 km circuit .. so I had a wee circle to come back onto the runway.

Truly an IFR flight... Getting ready for final leg... Thanks guys, Gunk

Monospar, at 9000' for safety!

More IFR than VFR. Nobody should be flying.

I thought the MEBAR was a VFR, fair weather event!

In the fog for the whole flight. I would have liked to see the scenery for at least part of the flight.

I think my next holidays are not in Norway- to much rain

Not much sight-seeing in this one ... nice hairy landing at Flatval ... I'm sure my piloting skills have increased by 200%

Had to do a few circles to find ENFA. Great weather!

I really focused on trying to maintain my target ground speed this time, so hopefully my score will be better this time. It was alot more difficult flying this way, especially with weather the whole route.

Fog Low cloud Grr Back and forth round and round finally settled on 500' just inside the coastline

Mountains, wind mills, and tide pools. Oh, my!

Didn't see the ground from take off till final!

Sorry had to use a gps on final no other safe way . I nearly used a King Air 200 same performance but less manouverable glad I didnt now.

Avoided all the lumps - lovely weather - landed in one pieces - great stuff!

Quotes from flight leg 5:

First Mebar I've managed to complete ... quite a ride ... thank you. The organisation must be a headache ... thanks for caring ...

Interesting leg, it was not as mountainous as I was expecting, from the rare glimpses I had of the environment ..... and considering I was watching needles climbing ever so slowly on my nav eqpt. All in all another outstanding flying adventure, I loved the concept, I think I got a lot out of it going back to basics. Cheers and Beers from the PI

Many thanks for yet another educational, entertaining, scarey, stimulating, very interesting, and above all, FUN, MEBAR. Hope to be back in 2019.

Overall a nice and interesting event. Two remarks. A lot of cross bearings, which is interesting for plotting and planning the flight, but not for flying IFR (the were a lot of IFR-conditions). Second, we crossed a lot of fjords, but not once we actually fly into one, what I like to do in Norway. I hope to be back next year.

Wow tricky hope without simplates! Anyway that's it for one more year. Many thanks to the Mutley Gang looking forward to next year.

Good Rally!

DC-3. Not the most agile of aeroplanes for an approach which must have been twinned with Kai Tak at some time - maybe one should turn away from the runway, gain height, and then do one of the "Eagle of Lille's turns", preferably using a Fokker Eindekker. Maybe the approach is just another example of the robustness of the Norwegian sense of humour. Still, we're down, dusted, and in one piece. Maybe the Monospar will handle it better....

The end for another year, thanks to all concerned.

Nancy said it was a great flight and a great landing. Thank you for another great adventure!

What a nice last flight of this year's MEBAR, with the twist in the tail!

Last trip, again a beautiful route. Approaching ENRA from the west trough the fjord, overflying the airport making a 360 for descent and land on rw32.

Yes, a very interesting approach to Rwy. 32 and an interesting town just before the NDB on the ILS which is offset somewhat, (isn`t it)

Difficult landing but a verry nice Flight

Except for a few areas with high terrain I did choose cruising altitude 4,500ft in order to avoid continuous switching on/off of carb. heat. 8-))

Thank you plan G...

My 5th and Final Leg of this years MEBAR in Norway 2018. Brilliantly put together by you guys and very enjoyable as always. The weather situation files definitely added to the mix this time. I did miss the T&G's of previous rallies, but hey we can't have everything our own way all the time can we? Many thanks to you all, from a very happy virtual pilot.

Great challenge. Difficult flights. Thank you very much for this beautiful initiative. Best regards.

Well I'm done. Landed on runway 32. Norway was a gorgeous area to fly in. I haven't a clue how well I did. (As it happens Bill - very good! [Joe])

After the posting of my leg #1 score, I know I can only get better! This being the last leg I want to thank the crew who runs this show for making my mind work, instead of flying direct too VOR's and NDB's or intersections, having to use radials, protractors and maps. Look forward to the next puzzle!

When the weather permitted the landscape (OrbX) was very nice. The approach was rather tricky (as suggested in the plan). The Navigraph chart makes a reference to approach lights, but they do not exist in my scenery (default P3Dv3). Glad to have completed the Rally before going to a short holiday!

Great rally, made it safe! Thanks for putting this together!

Nailed it! (for me anyway) and came home with two good engines, result.

Once again thank you everyone for a challenging rally, I had a blast. Hope to see you next year. Cheers, Trev.

This was a fun adventure, though I think I would have enjoyed it more if the weather allowed some site-seeing. Flying in or above the clouds the whole event just wasn't as enjoyable as I would have liked.

Thank you for a great tour - amazing final approach at ENRA.

Thanks for a great MEBAR - looking forward to next year already - what about a midsummer Mebar?

Blimey, finished it!

MEBAR 2018, a great experience!!

You saved the best till last with flight 5, challenging and enjoyable. Thanks to all concerned for organising this event.

Thank you very much. See you next year (hopefully).

Great finishing leg! Can't wait for next year.

Well, me and the FSW Seneca made it - great MEBAR - many thanks!

Beautiful flight. Very much enjoyed that, thank you so much!

Great Ideas Great Rally Thanks.

Thanks very much loved it.

Wonderful MEBAR again, thanks for all the hard work chaps! Much appreciated!