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  1. I'm almost sure I remember MS spokes[insert your preferred gender/pronoun/species reference here] saying that Win10 would not be replaced, just upgraded ad infinitum.   Maybe the name change is just an upgrade.


  2. My knowledge is pretty dated, Brett, so take it with a  grain of salt.  A lot has probably changed.

    For VFR flight plans, you are not bound to follow it.  You can file and then do what you want.  When you arrive, or at some time not too long after you were supposed to arrive, you must close your VFR flight plan.  In my day that was usually done by telephone to the Flight Service Station but could be done by radio if you were somewhere they had a frequency listed.  If you failed to do that, it would (slowly) move toward a search and rescue by Civil Air Patrol, but they did a lot of things first, i.e. checking with the destination airport, asking the FBO or the Sheriff department to walk the ramp and look for your N number, calling your home, etc.  Eventually, if those didn't pan out, CAP would get a call and your plan would give them some info about where to search for your remains, if they chose to.

    I think flight following is simply for the controller to inform you of nearby traffic, workload permitting.  Not sure you even have to have a VFR flight plan active, but probably have to tell him what your intentions are at a minimum and he may impose some restrictions on you while you're in his domain.  If I remember correctly, he's under no obligation to provide you with anything but if he's too busy he would/should tell you that.

    IFR flight plans, once activated are mandatory, unless or until you cancel or amend it.  Typically you file an hour or more before takeoff, sometimes the day prior.  Then you must "activate" the flight plan at or near the time of departure.  You MAY NOT get the actual route you filed for.  At the time of activation, the controller (typically Clearance Delivery at departure airport) will read you your plan route which may very well be different from what you filed.  The needs of ATC and the whims of the ATC computer take precedence over your desires.

    Instrument flight plans at uncontrolled fields in IMC where there's no radio contact with ATC are activated by phone.  The controller will give you a 30 minute window in which to depart and check in with him while climbing out.  He'll keep other IFR traffic away during that window.  He can't do anything about VFR traffic, including scud runners, which he probably can't see anyway.  He can prevent other IFR departures and approaches during your window.  You own the airport (except for legal VFR traffic, in which case "see and avoid" is in force) for a half hour, but your clearance is invalid if you don't take off within the window.

    Once airborne you follow the plan, usually handed off from controller to controller enroute.  There are options for amending your plan enroute, changing destination, going direct, skipping waypoints to cut a corner, going to your filed alternate, etc. but all of those are done with the prior concurrence of ATC.  

    There is a caveat that in an emergency you can deviate if necessary but you should be talking to a controller about that too.  If you declare an emergency and deviate, even if approved, be prepared for an FAA paper storm upon arrival, including, probably, being met on the ramp by one or more FSDO people whose sense of humor has been surgically removed.

    You also have the option to cancel an IFR flight plan in flight but legally you must be in VMC conditions to do that.  It's often done with the destination field in sight, particularly if it is an uncontrolled field, where cancelling would be a pain.

    I have no experience with VFR reporting points - that all came along after I stopped RW flying.

    It's a mistake to assume you are always on radar, unless he says "radar contact".  Coverage is not total, there are minimum altitudes for it, and dead spots and radar outages.  Not all towered fields have radar - my home field at Ocala is an example.  Instrument approaches are handled by Jacksonville Center, which has radar coverage but not down to pattern altitude.  You talk to him and he vectors you onto your chosen instrument approach until he eventually hands you off to the tower controller, who knows you are coming but does not have any radar.  You fly the approach per the approach plate and either land of go missed.  If the tower is open, he's the one you'll tell "missed approach" and he'll give you a vector and tell you to switch back to Jax Center.  If the tower is closed and you land, you're expected to let Jax Center know.  If the tower is closed and you go missed, you come back up on the Jax center frequency and you report to him.  He'll vector you for another shot at it or you can select another field.

    That's about 110% of what I know.


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  3. Names I like:

    • Covid 1984
    • Kung Flu
    • Chinese Lung Rot
    • Winnie the Flu
    • Bat Soup Fever
    • Fu Man (Ah) Chu

    - - -

    Quarantine is when you restrict the movement of sick people.  Tyranny is when you restrict the movement of healthy people.

    - - - 
    Seen on-line:

    Now that I've experienced a real plague I understand why Italian Renaissance paintings are mostly of fat naked people on couches.

    - - -

    New logic

    • Swiss cheese - not racist
    • Italian sausage - not racist
    • Brazilian wax - not racist
    • Belgian Waffle - not racist
    • Cuban sandwich - not racist
    • English bulldog - not racist
    • Irish coffee - not racist
    • Roman candle - not racist
    • Pekingese - not racist
    • Spanish flu - not racist
    • Chinese food - not racist
    • French braid - not racist
    • German potato salad - not racist
    • Russian roulette - not racist
    • Indian casino - not racist
    • Canadian bacon - not racist
    • Irish whisky - not racist
    • Mexican food - not racist
    • Labrador retriever - not racist
    • Brazilian steak house - not racist
    • French kiss - not racist
    • Egyptian cotton - not racist
    • Italian dressing - not racist
    • Irish setter - not racist
    • Colombian coffee - not racist
    • English muffin - not racist
    • Spanish inquisition - not racist
    • Roman catholic - not racist
    • Danish pastry - not racist
    • Scottish fling - not racist
    • Turkish delight - not racist
    • Singapore sling - not racist
    • Manchurian candidate - not racist
    • Scotch whisky - not racist
    • French poodle - not racist
    • Scotch pine - not racist
    • Chinese flu - RACIST


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  4. Chinese citizen asked for his opinion on how his government had performed handling the virus...

    "I can't say."

    - - -

    Coronavirus arrives in the US.

    Mexico: So, about that wall....

    - - - 

    I know a great joke about Corona Virus, you probably won't get it though.

    - - -

    Seen on-line:

    We are 11 days into self-isolation and it is really upsetting to see my wife standing at the living room window gazing aimlessly with tears running down her cheeks.  I've considered letting her in many times but rules are rules.

    - - -

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  5. Idea for the authorities:  Let Chik-fil-A administer testing at their drive-through windows.  The entire country would be tested by midnight, unless done on a Sunday.

    - - -

    A Panda feeds for approximately 12 hours per day.  It's the same for a quarantined adult human, which is why it's called a pandemic.

    - - -

    Governor Whitmer of Michigan has relented a little and will now permit Michigan residents to leave their homes to get their fish shanties off the lakes anytime after May 1.

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  6. 21 hours ago, dogtrack said:

    There is another line of thought....   That nature has had enough of the polution and destruction to the Planet, caused by the human race.  Time to attempt a remedy ??  :yikes:

    Sorry, I'm self-isolating and can't go on your guilt trip.  After I'm out of isolation, I'm pretty sure I can find another reason not to.

    Maybe nature is telling us not to eat bats and snakes and pangolins and to not lie to other nations about infectious diseases.  


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  7. I was in a long line at 7:45 am today at the grocery store.  They open at 8:00 with one hour designated for seniors only. 

    A young man came from the parking lot and tried to cut in at the front of the line, but an old lady beat him back into the parking lot with her cane.

    He returned and tried to cut in again but an old man punched him in the gut, then kicked him to the ground and rolled him away. 

    As he approached the line for the 3rd time he said, "If you don't let me unlock the door, you'll never get in there."

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