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  3. Your video work is as sleek as the H-1 Doering, always a pleasure to watch. Looking at the cockpit of the H-1 got me asking the question, where did the World War II fighter style cockpit layout come from. I'm sure you can look at something like the Jenny with the radio on the right and controls high and left but does anyone know which plane could be the origin of the standard cockpit layout of our beloved Spitfires and Hellcat's, etc. Back to the H-1, the aircraft looked fast before it even took off, I don't know how accurate the one I had in FSX was, but I felt my sim life was in da
  4. Timestamps: Introduction - Hughes speech 0:00 HCG Digital Arts Ltd 0:34 Miami races spark Howard's interest 1:17 Hughes assembles a team 2:10 Test day 2:54 Amelia Earhart involvement 4:09 Departure 4:20 The Rules 5:03 Seven speed trap passes 5:15 Landing view cameras 7:12 Vintage video 9:10 Three point landing for Hughes 9:14 Even Howard bounces on a landing 9:33 Remastered H-1 photographs 10:05
  5. What a great rescue story, thanks for bringing it to us all. The Israelis did a superb job on a not so easy rescue, large area to cover and a pretty good sized hostage group. I'm surprised at how well all these special force types move considering the size of their nuggets.
  6. In June 1976, following an aircraft hijacking & holding of hostages at Entebbe Airport, Uganda, Israel undertook a daring military airbourne raid using C-130 Hercules aircraft to rescue the hostages. Come see how they did it & how successful it was. Hope you enjoy. Cheers.
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