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  4. There's a pilot dedicated to his cause. Thanks for posting it was a great accompaniment to my morning coffee!
  5. Awesome video and perfect conditions for the flight. Must admit I winced at seeing that bird fly past at top speed. Thanks again for great content
  6. Bravo! Really enjoyed the whole video! A great video set up you have there.
  7. Classic aircraft, first non-stop trans-Atlantic too. All the southern coastline around the IOW is very familiar to me as I live only a few miles outside Southampton! PS - For a minute there at the beginning I thought you were going to break into song!
  8. Would you have done it? I would like to think so. Like any good pilot he had his own personal minimums but from the story one could tell he really wanted to help. Good on him. This was a great story Frank, thanks for bringing it to us.
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  10. Follow a pilot's story, in his own words, about undertaking a life-saving Medevac flight in below marginal weather conditions in Papua New Guinea. Enjoy the flight in a Cessna Caravan from coast to highlands & back to the coast. Would you have done it!? Hope you enjoy. Cheers.
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