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  1.     SSD-s with OS on them needs to have 50-40 % free of the total capacity to function properly. If free space falls below that, there is a loss of performance.

    When you use the Disk cleanup, make sure to click on the "Clean up system files" button. This will delete the old downloaded windows update files and the old windows backup files, which more likely is there.

      Also, you can move your personal files to another drive, files saved by default in users/user/documents folder. Just open the Users/"username" and right click the documents folder >>properties and check the tabs. Should be there a Location tab. The "Move" button will move the whole folder to the another drive. Folders which have the "Location" tab, can be moved safely.

      My C is also a 120G drive and i'm keeping it with 40-45G free fairly easy.


     good luck,

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  2. Aww, that's too bad, it was a nice video. The interesting part, not mentioned in the article, that there was two planes on approach with PAN declared, at the same time.

    Just from memory - can't recall the calligns:

    "Are you happy with 16L approach?

    - No, we would like 16R.

    - There is a PAN declared aircraft on 16R, can't estimate the delay on that.

    - I don't understand, we are the PAN, we have medical emergency.

    - There are two PAN at the same time, you are one of them, the other has engine failure.

    - Oh, understood, 16L is fine."



  3.   i made a split, i use FSX Accel. for hauling and DCS for military flying, and this is already about twice (and a half) more as free time i have. I will consider a change, when somebody pulls out something solid on 64 bits. Though, atm, its pretty hard to compete with FSX "whole globe" type of modeling.

      Dogtrack, i use to do the "Plane spotting" thingy too, ;)). Still do, if i have the time, after landing just sit there and let "just this one more plane to land".

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