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737NGX MCP Training Videos Released

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Hello everyone,


I'm releasing the first phase of three phases of 737NGX MCP training videos.


The first phase covers the Pitch Modes and is made up of 9 videos.


They are now being uploaded to my YouTube Channel:




Start viewing with MCP 1, then MCP 2, then MCP 3, etc. Since I'm estimating there will be approximately 20 videos in total for this series, you probably should write down which ones you have viewed so you don't get lost.


Me and my review team are now working on the Roll Mode videos and those will be released in 3 to 4 weeks.


After the Roll Mode videos are released, we will finish up the series with the Misc MCP modes and switches.


As always with my Basics Boot Camp Series, these are all being made available free of charge.


If you have any questions or comments please email at the address shown in the videos.


Thank you for your support and enjoy...!!!

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