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Installing Add ons to multiple sims on one PC

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with regards to ASN you have to download the correct version for that sim, and just install, you will then have 2 desktop shortcuts, just open the one for the correct sim.

As for ORBX when you start to install it will ask you which sim, as long as it can find them, once installed to one sim run it again and install the other.

Dont know about EZDOK I have it but not installed weairdly...



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Hi Ian, 

Wayne is correct, Orbx gives you the option of installing to different sims. Unfortunately you have to do them individually but it's no big deal. 

What I tend to do is rename the short cuts on the desktop, giving each a unique name pertaining to each sim I have installed. 

Then I move the icons to different parts of the screen so as not to get confused which one I'm opening. 

Hope this helps. 



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