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I have a strange stuttering problem which only happens with some aircraft on a FSX-SE install.

My laptop has a nVidia MX940 with 4GB VRAM which gives an overall satisfying performance, even with "heavy" aircraft. But with some, I get evident stuttering. This happens with the Flight Replicas DC-4 and Argonaut, with the C46 Commando and some others.


Strange thing is that the same aircrafts perform really well on my older PC which has an ATI card?


Maybe there is something set wrong within nVidia Inspector, even if this happens with AA off also. The issue arises even with default driver settings.


Drivers are the most recent. OS is Win10 64 with Fall Creators update (which I've heard can cause more of an issue with FSX).


Anyone willing to help? I'm loosing my (white) hair on this issue!

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Does the stuttering occur in external or internal view?


I cannot be sure but I think problems like this are related to the refresh rate of your screen (i.e 60mhz).  It is a while since I have been near Nvidia Inspector but take a look at the "Vsync" setting.  There are some that say it should be set as the same refresh rate as your monitor while other opt for 1/2.


Honestly I'm not speaking from a position of deep technical knowledge but just little bits of knowledge picked up here and there.

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The stuttering occur in both external and internal views. I'm noticing that the issue is more evident in some places and starting to think that is scenery related.

Maybe the FTX unified loockup? The same aircraft in a different place does not stutter.

Still investigating!

Thanks for your kind help.

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