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Haven't used this one much, but having recently got to grips with fs2crew for the Ifly737 I took the plunge and bought it for the Dash, and wow I have to say it's a whole new experience, really liking using this....FS2CREW is for me one of the best addons for tubes.....here are a few shots.....sorry but I left the control panel open, set a button now to open it....







I think I was holding up the traffic....




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It is a super aircraft and Majestic have done a great job refining it.


One feature that really impresses me is that despite it's high fidelity there is no performance hit in P3D / FSX that you might find with aircraft of similar detail.


I took a "company" Q400 from Aberdeen up to Bodo last night via Bergen and it didn't miss a beat despite poor weather on the final sector.

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