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Airport Diagrams for Flight Sim

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If you have any interest in this, I make FS-based airport diagrams as a kind of hobby, I guess. There is a post of them here at Mutley's Hangar and I think there are probably about 225 posted now, most in our sunny corner of the world.

There's a how-to article too, but I suspect that's not going to blow anyone's dress up. The diagrams are easily downloaded one at a time by clicking on the thumbnail, then right clicking and saving. They are jpg's and are reasonably small files, averaging about 100K or so. There is a list of what's there in ICAO order with the airport name and city listed as well.

It's in the second post of the first page of the thread. Scroll down until you see the list; keep scrolling until you see the thumbnail images. Let me know here or by e-mail if there are any specific airports you'd like to see added.

The thread is at...



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