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This may seem a weird question but...

I have noticed in many screen shots and especially in the Playsims Southern Scotland promotional screen shots there are lovely, BIG drifting puffy clouds.

I have FSX and Rex but I still, for the most part , seem to get relatively small, puffy cotton ball clouds littering the sky no matter what I try. Am I missing a trick here? Where are the BIG sprawlling grey clouds with the occasional breaks of blue I seem to see everywhere in screen shots?

This is what I get...



...this is what I would love...




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No such thing as a silly question ;)

Sounds like REX isn't loading to me - I flew over there last night and had to wait for cloud breaks to get any screenshots

Couple of things to check

1. Have you got the weather in FSX set to user defined?

2. Have you got REX set up to start automatically when FSX is started? Options in REX

3. Do you ever see the bar running across the top of the screen saying REX is loading weather?

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Thanks Guys.

I think I cracked it. I was advised to go into Customised weather and advanced settings. I set the cloud base for cumulus to 3000 -9500 ish with a broken setting of 5-8 and I get MUCH nicer clouds.


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Where are you going to set that Tom?

Are you trying to just set specific weather themes for a flight or are you trying to use REX real world weather? Also if you are using REX have you set up and installed a theme yet. The themes are extremely customisable but the textures have to be installed after you have created the theme.

It doesn’t seem you are getting the best out of REX but I may be wrong.

Apologies if you know this already.

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This was a basic test but I still have to have a really good play with REX and Shade. In fact this is a pretty bad image, I have gotten better clouds etc. Thanks for the input though...always welcome and I will undoubtedly need more in the future.

-Tom :)

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