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  1. Sorted - I had still got a joystick connected - nice one Dai. Although I had selected the yoke, in controls section there must still have been a conflict. Flying like a bird now - landings still need some work though??? Thanks everyone for the prompt replies. Dave.
  2. Hi John - am using B737-800 (default), but issue is with all aircraft. Have just tried a flight, got into the air and set the a/throttle - this works as it should do - gauges/throttle stick alter as power is required, or not.
  3. Hi - using FSX + acceleration, am not able to spool up the engines. Using 'F4' the engines will increase power then drop back to idling. Same happens with Saitek throttle. Tried with default 737-800, no a/pilot on. Have even gone back to a fresh install, of FSX - still same problem. Already reset to defaults, before re-install. Using the default 737, start a flight, the engines are running at 58%. F1 will slow this done to 20%, then they'll spool up to 58%. Opposite happens with the F4 key. Even with the Saitek unit dis-connected. This is common to all default aircraft. I have not installed an
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