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  1. Has anyone heard when or if AH II will be released yet.
  2. Hi Joe, Well it's happed again the 'simconnect' issue, I'm not sure but I think I may have just put my finger on the problem. I decided to re-install FSX and each time I installed addon's it worked fine. The addon sceneries I have installed and after re-booting each I installed an addon I ran FSX with no problems. That was until I installed the new Beechcraft KingAir 200, my problem re-appeared, so again after uninstalling this addon I had my aircraft selection page waiting for an input for over 30mins with no issue. I'm just wondering if a part of the KingAir is the problem, namely the app f
  3. Thanks for the info Joe, I'll try and ignore it, how new is this simconnect.
  4. Hi Joe, I'm not 100% sure but I don't believe it did, that said since it began I have installed two new aircraft. The thing is do I really need it, as far as I can make out it's sound like some connection to the internet, but then I may be wrong, usually am.
  5. Thanks for the info just about to try and re-install FSX and see if that clears the issue
  6. Can anyone please explain why it is I have just started getting the message 'Simconnected Failed' don't remember downloading it or having this issue in the past,and do I need it.
  7. Thanks, yes I have put in the 'HIGHMEMFIX=1' as it's displayed in the guide.
  8. just put them in the sideThanks for the link, I'll check it out when I startup my FSX, on first viewit's running at between 0 - 1 % I'll let you know what the reading i swhen I start FSX.
  9. I think I'll pack up flying. Now getting the following message 'Your computer has run out of available memory. Please restart Flight Simulator and select different graphics, scenery or traffic settings'. My settings are already below the 'Restore Default settings' I can't undertsand why this is happening, does anyone know the answer, before I chuck it into the bin. Getting desperate now. Thanks
  10. Best vidoe I've seen for ages, thanks for the post. Hope they raised plenty of cash...
  11. Hi Brett, well I didn't delete the default aircraft, so instead I did (another) FSX install,then Accelerator finally Ultimate Terrain Europe 2. With each install I did a test flt using the same conditions and fly plan. Everything worked out fine until I re-installed Ultimate Terrain Europe 2, thats when my issue's began agian. But as I said before with my settings set just below what the default settings are I would have thought that the juddering would not appear but it does, so slightly confused at this point. :gaah:
  12. Hi Brett, The settings within fsx.cfg I have set these using some of the advised settings by avsim hardware guide but not all, and in FSX custom settings the settings are not as high as the would have been had I let FSX set them to the default settings, this is what is puzzling me. I will be doing a repair later then I plan to rip out all the aircraft files apart from the C172, I'll fly that on my test route and see what happens, depending on the results I'll re-install the standard aircraft file and try again. Theni'll add each addon seperately test each time hopefully I might find out what
  13. Hi Captain, thank you for the info but two things inmy favour, firstly my HDD is a new 2TB, secondly I do defrag both my drives on a regular basis. So I'm sure that might not be the problem. but since sorting the issue out unfortuneately it has reappeared, I use a test flight to check flight sif I have made any changes to the fsx.cfg file, which I had, trying to get the bestoptions out of my system. Following some notes given by avsim I tweaked my system using some (not all) of the suggestions. The only effect I had was more of teh juddering, this did not matter which plane I used, after dele
  14. Well regarding the programs running in the background, that is a good possibility, I will check next time Ioad FSX. With the anti-virus, I only schedule on start-up and once a week for the full system check that said I suppose it will still run in the background, as it is supposed to do. What I have done since posting my original post is to re-install FSX & Accelerator, then install each of my planes separately whilst checking my flight over the same area and height after each install, the only thing I have not done is re-install Ultimate Traffic 2, so far everything is running okay. T
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