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  1. jnc1

    Italy late

    Good set. Number 1 is the one for me.
  2. I'll have a go Is it the Du Pont DP-1C ?
  3. jnc1


    Wonderful set of shots.
  4. Really nice shots. I've just opened a new site for digital pictures. The boss said I could give it a quick plug (thanks boss) Be nice to see you there www.theflyingpixel.com Everyone welcomed.
  5. jnc1

    C47 edit

    Thanks for the comments fellas. I recently decided to open a new Digital art site, so I've been busy getting it ready.
  6. jnc1

    C47 edit

    A quick edit of the lovely free C47 by Manfred Jahn's. Repaint by Jankees and is a real winner. I hope it's ok John
  7. jnc1

    Long ago

    Fantastic set of shots.
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