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  1. well I managed to do a full 3 and a bit hour flight from LAX-MCO (http://www.vataware.com/flight.cfm?id=13363611) without any errors or OOM. Figured that UK2000 V3 and FTX ENG just doesn't want to work with each other. Although my VAS usage on this flight was on about 3.7 when on the ground with KMCO scenery and FTX Global then the T7 - http://prntscr.com/321qsj . Not much of an improvement but it didn't crash....Maybe FTX ENG has a leak somwhere
  2. Well guys, DX10 didn't work....Switched back to DX9 since it's not making a difference....:/ I have a feeling it's something to do with FTX global and EU running together. I was looking online and came across someone that had the same issue with FTX PNW, then when Orbx eventually released it was buggy they released a patch for it...I'm all up to date so I guess it's a waiting game Any other ideas? haha ben
  3. Thanks, Chris. I've enabled the bloom but there's not much difference....Maybe a tweak somewhere. Since I cant use Sweetfx
  4. Thanks Brian and everyone else that's responded. I know there's a tonne of these types of threads with different answers, my system just wants to be fussy! I'll report back when I finish a flight tonight! Good day! Ben
  5. Where can I find this bloom slider tweak? I've been looking all over the web for an ENB for DX10
  6. Thanks Brian, that's worth looking into! since I can imagine DX10 for FSX would not only look nicer but run too!
  7. Thanks guys for all the help, I think I'll just do my tweaks one by one like you mentioned, since online tweaks didn't really respond well to my last install of FSX; this time I thought it might be different...(obviously not) haha. Also thanks to James for the paging file tip, I allocated my C: drive to system managed but my FSX partition didn't even have one set, so hopefully that'll make a difference! last nights flight was a pain, running at 3.6/7 at LOWW (Fly tampa), PMDG T7, FTX global and OMDB (Fly tampa). Which probably isn't normal, since I have no traffic set (I was online). So i'll d
  8. Thanks John, I love PMDG products, but their product support only offers the basic of advice then it's "try a re-install".....pain in the backside. I've tried allocating my own amount on the pageing file side of things, but i'll try again; I wouldn't hurt. Thanks for getting back and I'll be back tonight with results since I'm going to avoid long hauls in and out of FTX ENG, instead I'll be flying from LOWW-OMDB. Also Chris, I've tried that and to no prevail, looks like more hours of searching for a solution Regards Ben
  9. Hey guys, Recently I've been having a lot of trouble with my FSX. I had it running fine for about 2 years without a single error, then PMDG released their 777 then that's when all the issues started. To put it simply, I can't fly any long haul flights due to the fact that I get the dreaded 'Your computer has run out of memory' error when around FL060. I must emphasize that even when I'm monitoring the VAS usage when descending and I notice it's getting to the 3.7/8 mark, Lowing settings literally does nothing at all. I have done a few tweaks that have allowed me to just about complete fli
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