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  1. Thanks for the replies guys. I reduced autogen a little, i dont use REX. It doesnt happen with the sea, only inland waters strangely enough. Im afraid i dont have a clue how to attach screenshots on here! Regards Andy
  2. Hi, im using FTX england and there are loads of random inland water 'splodges', presumably supposed to be lakes and ponds, but far too many of them. Also they are shimmering excessivly. Unable to get much help on the ORBX forum. Is there anyway to remove most of these? I have my fsx water slider at low x 2 which seems the recomended setting. Many thanks Andy
  3. When in slew mode on the ground i can move my aircraft with my saitek joystick rapidly but if im at altitude the slew movement is incredibly slow. Does anyone know why this is? Regards Andy
  4. As I will be mainly flying in the uk and germany I think the combination of GEX/UTX and uk2000 would be a good plan? Ive been put off ORBX england by some of the comments on the web about it being difficult to uninstall and that it overwrites some Fsx settings. Mind you if its as good as they say then it wouldnt need to be uninstalled! Can FTX england work in combination with GEX.? I.e if FTX is placed higher in the fsx scenery files than GEX would I get the benefit of FTX england and GEX in the rest of Europe?
  5. So ftx england has textures AND landclass? I get a bit confused between the 2 as a newbie. Wouldnt GEX and Utx also give both but over the whole of europe not just england? Is it therefore a choice between ftxengland or GEX with UTX? Thanks Andy
  6. It all seems to be ok now after reinstalling the add ons. Im thinking maybe it was my bullguard anti virus?? Nothing else i can think of that would make it go haywire the way it did!?
  7. The weirdest thing is now going on with my fsx and i would really appreciate some help with this guys. Ive downloaded some uk2000 extreme airports and 2 of their vfr airfield collections. All installed into fsx fine, the scenery files were added into the scenery library automatically, and on starting fsx all appeared fine. Upon going back into fsx and checking the scenery library all these add ons have now disappeared from the library! Ive now had to add them again. This has now happened 3 or 4 times, it just seems bizarre. Ive found the scenery cfg file in my c drive>program dat
  8. Would UTX and GEX together be a better bet than Orbx ftx england? And would uk2000 airfields work with those? The advantage of course is UTX and GEX cover all of Europe not just England. The problems of FTX upon possible uninstalling is putting me off that product. Regards Andy
  9. Now this is weird, ive downloaded a uk2000 airfield and it doesnt seem to work at all well with the default fsx scenery. Part of the airfield looks like photographic scenery, part of it doesnt, there are parts of taxiways missing, my default aircraft is buried half in the ground , as are some static aircraft! What have i done?? And adding to that, when i now start fsx it says ' the terrain cfg file is missing or damaged. fsx will run but some terrain may not display correctly. please reinstall fsx to restore or repair file' So where has my terrain cfg file gone? Help much appreciated!
  10. Thanks guys, i like the sound of ORBX combined with uk2000 for the airports and airfields so will give that a go. Thanks again
  11. Thanks for the info guys, im interested more in VFR flying but doesnt the photo type scenery blur when you get below a certain height? I do prefer the look of the ORBX scenery but their website is a bit naughty then as it states that all major and many minor airports are upgraded? This contrast with what hifly has said in his post?? Would the uk2000 airfield series work with the ORBX scenery?? Andy
  12. Hi, im new and wondered what anyone can recomend as the best add on scenery for europe, especially the uk to include airfields and airports ? Is there a fsx equivalent of the good old British airports fs2004 series? The ORBX europe looks really good, is this the best current product on the market? Are there any issues with frame rates etc with it? Any help and advice much appreciated Regards Andy
  13. Thanks for that joe, and yes ive found it where you suggested. Why do some fsx files install into my c drive even though I installed fsx onto my external drive?! And can I move the fsx.cfg file and the others into my external drive or must they remain in the c drive? Thanks Andy
  14. This seems odd but i cant find the fsx.cfg file anywhere in my external drive ?! There are loads of other fsx related files and folders there but no fsx.cfg. There is a display cfg, airlines cfg, scenery cfg etc but no fsx.cfg. Im trying to find it to do some tweeks as suggested on the computer system the bible by nick n. can anyone help me find it please? Regards Andy
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