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  1. 0.9.8 release very soon with P3D support! Check website for the latest release news: www.EZCamViews.net
  2. I have put up a dedicated EZCamViews support forum here: http://www.ezcamviews.net/forums Update: 0.9.7 has been released. Thumbnail images now supported for camera view buttons on the Cockpit Camera Matrix window. Several bug fixes made. Several smaller enhancements.
  3. Thanks Brett...a flight simmer has volunteered to help me write the help file when 1.0 is finally released...I've been so busy working on the code I have not had time lately to work on the help file. BTW 0.9.6 with Steam Edition support has been released!!! You can down load it from the website www.EZCamViews.net
  4. 0.9.6 just released! FSX Steam Edition now supported! Mouse move feature now to position the camera around the cockpit with the mouse. Numerous bug fixes. Other enhancements. Please checkout the website for down load: www.EZCamViews.net
  5. I have 4 additional enhancements that I am going to be adding as soon as possible: Make the mini cam positioner window resizable so that when you're using this window on a second monitor, you can resize it (drag it) vertically to show all of your camera views (so the automatic vertical scroll bars don't have to appear). Add drag and drop capability to the Cockpit Camera Matrix (CCM) window. This will allow you to re-arrange the square button camera views in real time as you use this window. Cockpit Camera Matrix (CCM) window: I'm going to add code that will look for a space between two words
  6. I sent an email to Tracker IR yesterday and am still waiting for a reply.
  7. Still waiting for your email re TrackIR...
  8. 1. I don't know if EZCamView views will work with Track-IR as I don't use that product. However, if you email me with some info about how it works, I can give you a better answer. support@EZCamViews.net. 2. Yes, if you have that checkbox checked in tab 3 Camera Pos ([ ] Cam pos via key pad) your keys will still work for you inside the cockpit. Normally, you'll have all EZCamViews windows minimized but you can still use those hot keys to move the camera around.
  9. Today I am releasing my FREE FSX cockpit camera application. Now you can easily create 3D camera views. You can check it out at www.EZCamViews.net I made some video tutorials on my 737NGX YouTube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/rfresh1011 Look on the left side for the playlist 'EZCamViews'. Thanks and enjoy everyone!
  10. Dash8 Q400 fuel planning is now finished in SimChecklist. Here is a video tutorial on it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhwo8iWdyE8&index=16&list=PL1ApZWLk0_MrsxzfMrGBpaUwewrjO6uUk
  11. I use ScreenCast-O-Matic as well. It does a very nice job.
  12. Hi JG The Q400 fuel planning is still ongoing but Majestic would like me to add some additional features that is going to take more time (unfortunately)....I know my Q400 fuel planning has taken more time that I thought but now that Majestic is involved with me on its design (for SimChecklist), I want to make sure their idea's make into my fuel planning window. In the mean time, I have purchased and registered FSUIPC and WideFS client from Peter Dowson and have networked my 2 PCs together...yahoo! JG, if you wouldn't mind emailing me, I have some user-specific questions I wanted to ask
  13. Hi JG I took an initial look at FSUIPC. I will also need the WideFS client app. I have to network a PC which, oddly enough, I don't already have setup that way. However, since I have finished the EFB, I must now finish the Dash8 Q400 Fuel Planning window in SCL. This was started in late 2014 and was awaiting some technical data from Majestic Software (from the owner, Oleksiy. He has been extremely busy programming a new feature for the Q400 which I am not at liberty to say, since I have signed an NDA). So I am working actively on that project at this moment. As soon as that is done, I
  14. >If I could request a mod, it would be a remote hotkey via FSUIPC, so that hotkeys on the main PC could be mapped to SimChecklist on a second PC. I will look into this. Thank you...
  15. Yes, you could run SCL on your second PC with Plan G. SCL runs independently from your flight simulator program, what ever that might be, and you can use a hot key for the checklist window and another hot key for the EFB window. I'm finishing up my 737NGX MCP (auto pilot) video training series and am making a video of a flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco. In that video I use my SCL checklist window and the EFB, so it demonstrates how fast one can get to the checklist items and then pop it back down out of the way as you continue your flight. Flying single pilot IFR in an aircraft
  16. Hi JG Unfortunately, the answer is no...if you are running SimChecklist (SCL) on one PC, it would not know anything about what another PC was doing. SCL only knows about what is going on, on the PC it is installed and running on. Wish I had a better answer for you :-(
  17. I have just released Ver 4.3 of my Generic Electronic Flight Bag (EFB). This ver adds support for pulling 3rd party apps into the EFB screen and running them from there. Specifically this feature was added to support the Plan G app moving map display, but you can remote control almost any windows application. A video tutorial on how to use this new ver 4.3 feature is located here: http://www.7x7simtraining.net/777-3/free/ Next up I will finally get to finish the fuel planning window for the Dash8 Q400 flight simmers!
  18. I just released ver 4.2 for the Electronic Flight Bag...I added three content types: Rich Text Format (RTF), TXT docs and Images. The RTF is the most important addition of these. This took longer that I thought because once I got into it, I saw the value of being able to create/edit RTF/TXT content right inside the EFB screen, so I decided to build an editor inside it with a pop-up editing menu. Turned out pretty nice I think. Well, after a couple of weeks of putting in 16 hour days, I'm going to rest for a short while then start in on the 3rd phase of the EFB: 3rd party application suppor
  19. Hi Brett No worries regarding your comments on SimChecklist (SCL). And thanks for the kind words regarding my 737NGX training videos which I make available for free to the flight sim community. I've made almost 40 of them this year. Next year I plan to move to the 777 platform and continue to make training videos. >Help me out here, from what I have seen in the video it runs outside of FSX so that if you forgot a couple of items in your flow and rectified the corresponding >switch on your FSX panel the checklist would disappear and you would have to hotkey it up again to check t
  20. Electronic Flight Bag coming soon...to a cockpit near you...!!!
  21. Yeah, I'm not sure what their reason is either. As a windows developer myself using C# and the .NET MS development environment, I know if I needed to read PDF files, all I would need to do is add a plug-in and then I could load in PDF files. The CS 777 EFB is quite flexible in that you can configure it to display anything, therefore, I'm a bit surprised they didn't opt to add a PDF plug-in so you could view any PDF content, not just IFR plates.
  22. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I've started to fly the CaptainSim 777 and they have an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) that is pretty functional except I have to load my own IFR plates and they have to be in a graphics image format. They (currently) cannot read .pdf files for this. I wanted a kind of batch way to convert a lot of pdf plates for a given airport and didn't want to have to do it one by one, manually. I found a solution by using IrfanView, a free utility that will take a load of pdf files and batch convert them into .gif files. You need the ghostscript pdf plug-in.
  23. Does anyone know where I can get IFR plates in an image format such as .jpg? All I see are .pdf file formats. The reason I am asking is that I want to import some IFR plates into an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) that only accepts images and not .pdf files. Thanks...
  24. This is an update to my free 737NGX MCP Training Video Series. This specific segment of videos covers Non-Precision Approaches: -Constant Angle Non-Precision Approaches. -Visual Descent Points. -Non-Precision Basics. -Flight demo briefing is covered in videos #13, #14, #15 (available now for viewing). -Flight demo itself is video #16 which will be upload within hours from now. My YouTube 737NGX Training Channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/user/rfresh1011 Enjoy everyone!
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