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  1. A very big Thank you for your reply to my post...!!!!!!! For the first time I had the confidence to find and open FSX CFG file and change the setting you suggested....!!! Worked Well .. I Can now adjust VC view to see all around the cockpit and out the side windows without having to pan around all the time .... Thanks Again..... Bob Clinton -- Aka - Michelinman
  2. I've Been Using 3 24in Led wide screen Monitors For Some time Now. Is there a way to widen the angle of view or zoom bock to be able to see more of the instrement panel and the runway at the same time? I Can move the camera view back with control keys but then the seat back or the bulkhead blokes the view? Also is there a way to stop or disable the head movement ? FSX GOLD I find it quite disconcerting when accelerating down the runway to have my view disapear behind the seat back or bulkhead?? I've seen u-tube videos using Ezeedock camera? Would this help?
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